Real Alaska Love ::

Oh my! We have a post wedding/trash the trash session with buckets full of adore-your-darling love! These images from one of our faves, Narrow Road Productions, are simply perfection.  I’m pretty sure Shawna followed these three steps to get these unbelievable photos!

Step 1: Get a gorgeous, edgy, fun loving, hopelessly in love couple

Step 2: Pray for rain. Yes, pray for it.

Step 3: Take smokin’ hot images of gorgeous couple IN the rain and get most romantic trash the dress session award!

Take a look at these and try not to sigh at the end. For one, holy swoon worthy, smolder glance Cayla! And Jake? Sheesh! Represent Alaska men! Their love was so hot they needed a rain shower to cool off.

Duh. So stinkin’ in love with hot, meet-me-in-the-rain-real-Alaska-love.


{Photography: Narrow Road Productions, Location: Soldotna}

Real Alaska Love :: Katelyn + Andrew

Recently, Sons & Daughters Photography re-entered the Alaskan photography scene and we are absolutely THRILLED they have! Seriously, once you take a look at their work you’ll be a fan. We received this jaw droppingly, STUNNING engagement session and were in love from the very first image.

Alisa Marie told us this about the shoot: “Katelyn mentioned how much she loved the moon and I’m glad she did because I’m such a sun person so I kept trying to find fun ways to include sunflare. But as soon as she mentioned that, we switched gears and got some great images with the beautiful moon that night. I always tell clients that late evening is truly best for photos, especially engagement shots when you want that romantic feel. This session was around 10 pm.”

Are you seeing what we’re seeing?!?!?! True love at its finest! Katelyn is so beautiful, we adore her curly locks, and laid back style. These two are meant to be photographed FOREVER! I felt like I was spying on two best friends who are also madly in love, and as we ALL know, that’s the best kind of love!

Seriously, we ADORE these two and real Alaskan, moon lovin’!


{Photography: Sons & Daughters Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Amber + Jordan

We are so absolutely delighted by this engagement session from Dolce Vita Photo Boutique. We got a sneak peak a couple weeks ago, and since we’ve been holding our breath to catch a glimpse at these!

Where do we EVEN begin with these images? A greenhouse and barn location in one session is a dream come true! Seriously. Add a guitar, vintage truck, and spring finally making it’s appearance and we’re smitten! In all the entirety of smittenness! Need we go on? Well, we will since Amber and Jordan are stinkin’, knockout,  gorgeous! And Amber is so stylish! We can hardly handle it!

With wedding season right around the corner, we’re just obsessed with real Alaska love!


{Photography: Dolce Vita Photo Boutique, Location: Kenai}

Notes: FMK Getaway

Well before the business of wedding season, even though it feels like it’s in FULL swing, we’re making a getaway for a week! Every now and again it’s important to UNPLUG, BE PRESENT, and ENJOY what’s around you. So, we’re doing just that, and we hope to encourage some of you to do the same!

I’m out of the office… ~wink~

See you in 8 days, lovelies!!!


FMK FAB Giveaway :: La Boum Events Lady In Waiting Services

You should know by now how much we ADORE Rebecca Lien, owner of La Boum Events. Seriously, this woman is stylish, organized, witty, genuine, brilliant, creative, gorgeous, and kind, everything a lady should be in our opinion (and we would go on, but we already sense Rebecca’s blushing).

We wish EVERY bride to have the opportunity to experience the AMAZING services Rebecca offers, so she put together a giveaway for us and our upcoming brides. So ladies all the best to you! Rebecca’s giving away her Lady In Waiting package and believe me you’ll be treated like royalty. Rebecca is making her services available for your big day to carry your dress, run last minute errands, fan you, reassure you, and get you ready for your big moment stress free!

This is one of the GREATEST gifts a bride could get, we hear over and over again from brides, how important it is to have someone the day of to take the stress away. And Rebecca is giving this gem of a prize away, worth $250!!!

Also, we’re giving you TWO whole weeks to enter this one, so take advantage of the time to get MULTIPLE entries!

Enter below, and may the best bride win! Or one of the many best. ~wink~


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Scheduling subject to Rebecca’s availability and schedule.

{Rebecca Lien, La Boum Events,  Ph: 907.952.5982, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Mindy + Matt

We’re celebrating the end of this snowy cold with ONE LAST snow engagement session. Well, until the season begins again. This is THE MOST adorable couple from Bauman Images and even though we’re sick of this snow, we are delighted with these two!

First of us, hello GINGER! We love ‘em, and Mindy totally rocks her locks! Second, um…can you be any more in love?!?!? Mad props to Hope of Bauman Images for the PERFECT golden hour engagement photos, makes the love of these two even more magical!

You know, we’re still in love with our Alaskan couples and their real love.


{Photography: Bauman Images, Location: Anchorage}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” — Notting Hill

{Photo Courtesy of Erin Hearts Court}

FMK May Feature: Behind OUR Scenes

I adore our FMK team. We are a collection of artists and dreamers who have come together to create, build, and inspire. What I love most of all is that all of our team members are committed to seeing local business growth, networking, and inspiration in our state.

When we get together to collaborate we all fully recognize that our work together is building upon each other’s ideas to develop the ultimate creation. We have each other’s best interest at heart and work toward a common vision, unique in execution. There is critical work weeks before, dreaming up a concept, putting the vision to paper, communicating with all parties involved, scheduling, making the vision a reality, and the day of.

The day of is Christmas Day! We are so full of anticipation from all the pre work that we can’t wait for the end result. What happens is a dance and dialogue among our photographers, videographer, make up artist, creative director, models and any guests we have accompanying us. This open dialogue starts and “what ifs” begin. What I love seeing is an exchange of ideas between artists and the collaboration to make a vision a reality. It’s beautiful to watch and humbling to be a part of. Primarily to see artists serving one another with the best interest of each other at heart makes my heart smile. This is one of the MAIN reasons we can spend a 17 hour day together creating a Gatsby inspired feature.

Then comes the post-processing. Publishing schedule is communicated and videographers and photographers get to work. Over the course of several weeks, I get to see snapshots and tidbits, and only DREAM about what is to come. I have some ideas and like you, I can’t WAIT. Our artists have creative license to develop their look and vision for the end result, and they have NEVER disappointed.

Well loves, what goes on behind our scenes when we get the opportunity to create stunning beauty and swoonworthy inspiration? This. These beautiful relationships joined by a passion for creating, a vision of art, a heart for each other, and a hope for more.


FMK Team: Grace Adams Photography, DreFoto, Beauty Board Media, Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup

FMK May Feature Guests: Blaine Shillington Photography, La Boum Events

FMK May Feature Finale: Love the Beginning and End of Everything Film

It’s finally here! We wholeheartedly believe in first chances and love and first sight, and we’re in love! This work of art by Lauren Roberts of Beauty Board Media really needs no fanfare or introduction. Primarily because our knees are still weak and we’re still gasping for breath!

We can’t say enough for praise to Lauren, her eye for setting a scene, communicating true emotion, and portraying raw, believable beauty.

While it was a long day for all of us, Lauren was completely caught up in telling the story, and that’s what I believe every film maker should be like. So in love with the story it’s hard for them to think about anything else.

We’ll stop ramble writing so you can see for yourself, but our hearts are STILL pounding from this!!!!

“She was feeling the pressure of the world outside and she wanted to see him and feel his presence beside her and be reassured that she was doing the right thing after all.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Our Models: Grace and Austin Adams

Extras: Ben & Taz Schultz, Dave & Debbie Karp, Mallory Karp, Lucas Karp, Trevor Millar, and Stacey Miller

{Photography: DreFoto & Shillington Photography, Videography: Beauty Board Media, MUA: Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup, Partners: La Boum EventsRose Red Bridal DesignsApricot Lane BoutiqueBeyond Beads BoutiqueThe Bargain Shop Thrift Store at JBER, Locations: Bells Nursery & Alyeska Resort}

Love, The Beginning and End of Everything from Forget Me Knot Inspirations on Vimeo.

FMK May Feature: Love, the Beginning and End of Everything Part 2

“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The hysteria of our anticipation of the release of this entire feature has almost been too much too handle, but we’ve tried our best to keep our cool. If we were Jay Gatsby we would ask you, “old sport”, if you were as captivated by the 1920′s themed beauty that has met your eye as we are. Swoon! We’re as in love with this feature as Daisy was head over heals for Gatsby. The only thing we’re missing is a fancy soiree…but wait, that’s coming tomorrow.

As one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century, it’s no wonder the craze we’re seeing for F. Scott’s work! The elegance, mystery, and effortless grace of the 20′s make this a classic, SWOONWORTHY period we’re likely to stay a fan of for some time.

For our Gatsby Inspiredness we pulled together a stellar team and stunning models, our team consisted of: Beauty Board Media, DreFoto, guest photographer, Blaine Shillington Photography, La Boum Events, and Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup Artist.

Our models were are very own Grace (of Grace Adams Photography) and her husband Austin. We couldn’t have found MORE naturally perfect and ideal models if we tried. Our day wouldn’t have even been has smooth if it wasn’t for these two, channeling their inner 20′s alter ego. F. Scott and Zelda’s romance couldn’t even come close to what these two created for us.

Today we are over the MOON to be featuring DreFoto‘s images. We (collectively as a team) ADORE working with Andre. Not only is he entertaining, funny, and a visionary, but we LOVE his collaborative spirit. When we encounter creative geniuses who are just as enthusiastic about other’s work and working alongside others as their own creations we are DELIGHTED! It is only one of MANY things we LOVE about Andre.

Have I said before how much I LOVE our FMK team? It’s always true.


{Grace’s Dress & Necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique, Birdcage Veil: Rose Red Bridal Designs}


{Grace’s Dress & Jewelry: Apricot Lane Boutique


{Grace’s Dress: Beyond Beads}


{Grace’s Dress & Accessories: Beyond Beads}


{Table Setting & Design:  La Boum Events}


{Grace’s Dress, Belt, Shoes, & Clutch: Apricot Lane Boutique, Birdcage Veil: Rose Red Bridal Designs}


{Grace’s Dress: The Bargain Shop, Grace’s Shoes: Shoefly}


“She smiled at him, making sure that the smile gathered up everything inside her and directed it toward him, making him a profound promise of herself for so little, for the beat of a response, the assurance of a complimentary vibration in him.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our Models: Grace and Austin Adams

Extras: Ben & Taz Schultz, Dave & Debbie Karp, Mallory Karp, Lucas Karp, Trevor Millar, and Stacey Miller

{Photography: DreFoto & Shillington Photography, Videography: Beauty Board Media, MUA: Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup, Partners: La Boum EventsRose Red Bridal DesignsApricot Lane BoutiqueBeyond Beads BoutiqueThe Bargain Shop Thrift Store at JBER, Locations: Bells Nursery & Alyeska Resort}

FMK May Feature: Love the Beginning and End of Everything

“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

You already know how stuck on love we are, but then add prohibition, 1920′s, Charleston flappin’ style and SWOON! You’ve lost us! Last year we began dreamin’ about a Gatsby Inspired styled short film.

Lauren and I met up in February to begin dreaming and scheming a 1920′s glitz. We wanted this feature to have more of a story and theme elements, we were approaching this feature unlike any of our others, focusing primarily on film with still images as support.  So we had our work cut out for us.

After weeks of planning, last minute details put in place, and snow still on the ground (to our dismay) we met up early Sunday morning wide eyed and ready to make some creative magic! We were hungry for it. And as Grace and Austin got ready our excitement and anticipation grew. If there were ever roles cast, these two fit the period perfectly.

We all took a breath and were transported back to Speakeasy times, until I got out my iPhone, then reality set back in.

Our first stop, among many, was the Potter Historic Site Train Depot. We were off on an all day whirlwind. Lauren and I had planned the day down to the minute of where we would arrive, when we would meet who, and how we would get there. It was an undertaking we were up to, high off our desire for beauty, but blissfully unaware of how our running would catch up with us, eventually.

We had asked Blaine, of Blaine Shillington Photography, to join us as a guest photographer on this shoot. Our day dawned with artists eager to seize the day and create. I’m pretty sure Andre, of DreFoto, was thankful for the “dude company”. I love watching creatives inspired and generate energy off one another, and that’s just what happened on this shoot. The momentum of mutually shooting and assisting was beautiful!

Today we will be featuring Blaine’s still images. Try to catch your breath as we embark on this whirlwind of Gatsby Inspired love.


{Grace’s Dress & Necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique, Birdcage Veil: Rose Red Bridal Designs}


{Grace’s Dress: Apricot Lane Boutique


{Grace’s Dress & Accessories: Beyond Beads}


{Grace’s Dress, Belt, Shoes, & Clutch: Apricot Lane Boutique, Birdcage Veil: Rose Red Bridal Designs}



{Grace’s Dress & Accessories: Beyond Beads, Veil: Rose Red Bridal Designs}

“There is a moment—Oh, just before the first kiss, a whispered word—something that makes it worth while.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

Our Models: Grace and Austin Adams

Extras: Ben & Taz Schultz, Dave & Debbie Karp, Mallory Karp, Lucas Karp, Trevor Millar, and Stacey Miller

{Photography: DreFoto & Shillington Photography, Videography: Beauty Board Media, MUA: Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup, Partners: La Boum EventsRose Red Bridal DesignsApricot Lane BoutiqueBeyond Beads BoutiqueThe Bargain Shop Thrift Store at JBER, Locations: Bells Nursery & Alyeska Resort}

Behind the Scenes: FMK May Feature

The week of our Gatsbiness is FINALLY here! And our excitement is bubbling like a freshly poured glass of champagne at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties. We’ve been awaiting this week like Nick Carraway awaiting a weekend party! And this feature is the CAT’S MEOW!

We decided this feature would be ENTIRELY different, due to our infatuation with Gatsby Inspired loveliness. We’ve been stuck on Fitzgerald’s literary work of art primarily because of F. Scott’s deep sense of romance instead of Gatsby’s tragic ending.

Our behind the scenes feature was shot entirely on an iPhone (with the 8 mm app, so FUN!). We will be releasing the still images over the next two days shot by DreFoto and Shillington Photography and then finally publishing an UNBELIEVABLE film shot, directed, and produced by the exceedingly talented Lauren Roberts of Beauty Board Media.


Behind the Scenes Gatsby Inspired May Feature from Forget Me Knot Inspirations on Vimeo.

Our Models: Grace and Austin Adams

Extras: Ben & Taz Schultz, Dave & Debbie Karp, Mallory Karp, Lucas Karp, Trevor Millar, and Stacey Miller

{Photography: DreFoto & Shillington Photography, Videography: Beauty Board Media, MUA: Andrea Moss Hair and Makeup, Partners: La Boum Events, Rose Red Bridal, Apricot Lane Boutique, Beyond Beads Boutique, The Bargain Shop Thrift Store at JBER, Locations: Bells Nursery & Alyeska Resort}

Real Alaska Love :: Hope + Dylan

Since our Gatsby adventure (which is soon coming) we have fallen completely and utterly in love with greenhouse shoots! AYKM?!?! The lighting is perfect and the surroundings are just delightful! So naturally we’d be all over this engagement shoot from Grace Adams Photography.

Can you tell just HOW much Dylan adores Hope? And how she returns that adoring affection? ~Sigh~ This is certainly the kind of young love that just gets our spirit souring!!! Hope is a darling beauty, so of course her man would be just as handsome. And of course he is. Is it any wonder? Since Alaska has the most beautiful couples, ever!

Still. Still, so hopelessly about Alaska love.


{Photographer: Grace Adams Photography, Location: Mann Leiser Greenhouse, Anchorage}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever.”  – Henry Drummond

{Photo Courtesy of Scott Perry Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Allie + Matt

Today’s feature has us flying to the moon (Sinatra style)! We are positively tickled pink over this engagement session at the Fairbanks International Airport submitted by Wanda Michelle Photography!

For starters, these two are STUNNING! Allie is a lovely bride to be and her man is the perfect compliment to that smile. And we are obsessed with this location as the site for this shoot. Brilliant!

How dare you eve ask if we still adore over real Alaska lovers? We do.



{Photography: Wanda Michelle Photography, Location: Fairbanks International Airport}

Real AK Love :: Angela + Ken

Well if all things lovely and feminine were ever wrapped into one bride, I’m pretty sure it would be Angela. This woman has a natural grace and elegance about her and she’s still rockin’ the XtraTuffs! We LOVE it! And all there is to this event from Becoming Images!

What can I say? I’m desperately longing for summer, and this occasion has me CRAZY for a Southeast AK wedding. Anyone want to invite us? For one, I love Angela’s style. Two, she’s gorgeous. Three, don’t even get me started an all the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. intimate shots of these two. Now I want summer and a romantic rendezvous on a rocky Southeast Alaskan beach.

Dare you even ask…we’re nuts for Southeast AK love!!



{Photography: Becoming Images, Location: Point Retreat Lighthouse, Admiralty Island, AK}

FMK Notes: Table Settings

As we prepare for our Gatsby inspired May feature, we thought we’d give you a glimpse and the GORGEOUS table setting by Rebecca Lien of La Boum Events. Besides the natural, understated elegance of this table design, what we ADORED about La Boum’s contribution to our shoot is the mix and match of colors, textures, and styles. Rebecca’s vision became a stunning demonstration of easy elegance that would make F. Scott Fitzgerald feel right at home.

So, for all you planning brides (or looking to host an event this summer) don’t be afraid to mix textures, styles, and color schemes for a fresh look!

Besides this table setting, which we loved, we cannot WAIT (have I said that already) for you to see this feature! We’ll likely continue to swoon throughout the month of May over this Gatbsy inspired gorgeousness coming our way!


{La Boum Events, Ph: 907.952.5982, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Jenny + Robby

Since we’re feeling spring in the air (FINALLY) it would stand to reason we are gaping at spring and summer weddings hoping for some of that sunshine and warmth. This occasion came to us from Rebecca of Rebecca Pullins Photography.

These two clearly had a good time on their special day and kept their event fun and easy. Jenny is a darling bride and her groom is dashing. The lush depths of Alaska summertime are breathtaking and Jenny and Robby certainly took advantage of Alaskan summertime!

We can’t WAIT to see the real Alaska love from this summer! Come on wedding season! ~wink and a smile~


{Photography: Rebecca Pullins Photography, Location: Anchorage}

So This Is Love

4.29CarolinaandMikeValentinaGlidden copy

“All your thoughts at all moments, all your looks will be for me; all my thoughts, all my moments, all my looks, will be for you!” — Victor Hugo

{Photo Courtesy of Valentina Glidden Photography}

FMK Etsy Finds: Our Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts can be so challenging, but with just the right amount of personal attention and nostalgia a gift to your best girls can become timeless. Take a look at these handmade delights!

ChevronPurse copy

Chevron Clutch :: Michelle and Katt

Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings :: MLE Jewelry 


Kakhi Lace Edge Scarf :: Fat woman & Anils


Personalized iPhone Case :: To Gild the Lily

Lace Boot Cuffs

Lace Boot Cuffs :: Le Leni


Kimono Robes :: Just Cottons

Notepads copy

Personalized Notepad :: When It Rains Shop

ReclaimedBracelet copy

Recaptured Reclaimed Bracelet :: Poor Aunt Edna

Mug copy

Hand Drawn Coffee Mug :: Ready Maker Design

Ice Mint Necklace

Ice Mint Delicate Necklace :: Pink for You


FMK FAB Giveaway: Sophia Jordan Couples Portrait Session Worth $350

One of our darlings in Fairbanks has a SPECTACULAR giveaway and it’s truly a golden opportunity for our Golden Heart City readers. Sophia Jordan Photography is giving away an hour and half portrait session for you and your sweetie. Try and stop yourself from swooning at her work. And if being a talented artist enough, she’s also just so fun to be around!!! So whoever wins the golden ticket with this giveaway is in for the best hour and a half of their lives!

We might be biased.

FAB SJP giveaway_550

* Schedule and location to be determined upon Sophia’s availability.

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{Sophia Jordan Photography, Email:}

So This Is Love Snapshot

4.23LauraMurrayPhotographyPilarandJohn copy

“And she’s everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
I talk about her, I go on and on and on
‘Cause she’s everything to me…” — Brad Paisley

{Photo Courtesy of Laura Murray Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Maia + Jeremiah

Since Spring is alluding most of Alaska these days we’ve been pining after thoughts of sunshine and summertime like a moody, love-sick middle schooler. It really may not be healthy how much we are longing for summer weather! These images from Joyous Inspirations Imagery are fueling our summer longings!

And these two are adorable! Any time you we see a gal in a vintage, country style and her fella in plaid we SWOON! The simple, genuine love in these images makes our hearts pound! Maia’s curly locks and charming smile is GORGEOUS! And seriously, a man in plaid? Did I already mention that? OMG. Maia you are one lucky woman, the plaid, funny, protective type…are you kidding me?!?! Could these two BE any more perfect?

Still so obsessed with real Alaska love.



{Photography: Joyous Inspirations Imagery}

FMK Notes: We love Clever Proposals

We’re still recovering from our all day Sunday shoot, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to ogle engagement videos that make us swoon! Which is the slippery slope I went down yesterday and saw this gem!

Be still my heart…guys, you do have some cleverness up your sleeve.


Don’t forget to check out POP, FMK’s partnership with La Boum Events creating and publishing your proposal story!

FMK FAB Giveaway : Grace Adams Photography worth $275

Oooooohhhhh la la love this giveaway!

You should know by now how much we adore Grace Adams Photography, which is why we are thrilled about today’s giveaway. Yup, you could be the lovely winner of a one hour photo session with Grace! There are three options to choose from for this bridal session photo shoot: Classic Bridal Portraits, Whimsical Boudoir, or Trash the Dress. FACT: Any one of these options are going to turn out beautifully!


We’re already crazy jealous of the winner of this giveaway.

FMKgiveaway copy

* Schedule and location to be determined upon Grace’s availability.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Grace Adams Photography, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Jordan + Bryan

DANG! We’re longing for summer and wedding season and JEEPERS we have a stunning wedding from Cat Dossett of I Take Photos that quenches our appetite (for now…)! An we’re dizzy over the vibrant colors easily captivating us.

For starters, UH-MAZ-ING location. Wowzers. And we have a thing for crazy, amazing, personable bridal parties…which these folks have personality all over them! You knew this was coming, so don’t be surprised, Jordan and Bryan are deliciously gorgeous (in the most uncreepy way possible). Seriously. These two have “I should be a model I’m so ridiculously good looking…” written ALL OVER THEM!

Props to Cat for these unbelievable images. Yeah, once again we’re head over heels with real Alaska love.


{Photography: Cat Dossett, I Take Photos}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”  ― Franklin P. Jones

{Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Westover Photography}

FMK FAB Giveaway Masters Catering Table for Two Giveaway

We are THRILLED about this giveaway! You don’t even know how THRILLED! Masters Catering is offering a dinner for two with the choice of one of the below menus. Highlight of this WHOLE thing, besides the menus that have us salivating, Wes will come to your home and cook for you. Talk about LUXURY! We WANT so badly to win this uber desirous date night!


* Limited to Masters Catering schedule and location availability.

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{Masters Catering, Ph:907.360.6445, Email:}

So This Is Love Snapshot



“She was more than human to me. She was a Fairy, a Sylph, I don’t know what she was – anything that no one ever saw, and everything that everybody ever wanted. I was swallowed up in an abyss of love in an instant. There was no pausing on the brink; no looking down, or looking back; I was gone, headlong, before I had sense to say a word to her.” — Charles Dickens

{Photo Courtesy of Alison Conklin Photography}

FMK FAB Giveaway: Beauty Board Media $400 DELIGHT

To say we’re delighted about this giveaway would be an understatement, we’re ecstatically DELIGHTED about this giveaway! From our very own Lauren Roberts of Beauty Board Media we can’t GET OVER IT! I mean seriously, $400 voucher in services…and now you can have this captivating lady capture your more cherished moments (let’s talk wedding videos people, SWOON!).

Seriously, check out this girl’s talent HERE!


* Travel and scheduling is conditioned upon Beauty Board Media’s availability. Travel arrangements not included in this gift voucher.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Beauty Board Media, Ph:907.360.6103 ,}

Real Alaska Love :: Liz + Chris

This wedding caught by Melissa, The Picture Lady, is a wintery fairytale. It’s hard NOT to get swept up in the magic of these images.

The snow is enchanting as are the bride and groom. I mean, SHEESH!  Can you even get over Liz’s SWOONWORTHY stare? The snowflakes, the gentle haze, and subtle hues of pink and gray create this Heathcliff and Catherine passionate, romance for us (with a WAY better outcome than the Bronte sisters would pen). We adore the intimate moments below! We’re hoping with this last wintery wedding that NOW we can begin to welcome spring to Alaska.

Until then, we’ll still be over here staring at Real Alaska Love. Still hopelessly caught up in the beauty that are our Alaskan lovers!



{Photography: The Picture Lady}

FMK FAB Giveaway: Horse Trekkin Alaska Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride for Two

You already know how much we LOVED our sleigh ride with Joshua and Big Fred over at Horse Trekkin Alaska. We are so THRILLED to offer a giveaway for two to enjoy the very same experience we had, with just a little more intimacy. Joshua is graciously offering a horse drawn sleigh ride for two, followed by a cozy fire and hot cocoa. Better enter QUICK before all our snow is gone!


*Horse Trekkin Alaska is location in Anchorage, Alaska. This giveaway is only redeemable for the above described sleigh ride.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Horse Trekkin Alaska, Ph: 907.868.3728, Email:}

FMK April Feature: Run Away with My Heart

I can’t even begin to sum up the giddiness and elation that sprung from me when I found out we would be going on a horse drawn sleigh ride in the woods! Add a newly engaged couple and THE most perfect day and it took everything inside me to keep from skipping, singing, and dancing in crazy person circles.

Joshua, of Horse Trekkin Alaska, spontaneously invited to join him for a sleigh ride through the woods. What most people don’t know or realize is this GEM is hidden so discreetly on the Anchorage hillside, and we’re their newest BIGGEST fans. Not only is it conveniently located in Anchorage, but upon arrival all worries, city noises and distractions fade away as a mystical forest envelops you and a gentle giant greets you.

Big Fred was our gentle guide and Joshua kept him in line. As a girl who adored the Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder’s buggy/sleigh ride courtship romance, I was OVER the moon to be speeding through the woods in a horse drawn sleigh. Crisp wind on our cheeks, sun in our eyes, and the sound of snow swiftly passing under the rudders, it was magical.

Not only was our sleigh ride magical, but James and Kristi were too. They’re affection for each other was infectious. Can we say that? Infectious affection? We’re going with it. I think throughout the day we all got caught up in little moments of the uniqueness of our afternoon. Grace was in love with Big Fred (have you seen how tiny she is compared to him?!?!).

Kristi and James cuddled under plaid blankets and added the romance element to our already breathtaking occasion. Grace, as always, created an intimacy to these images that is stunning.

Upon our return to the starting point, Joshua built a fire and whipped up some hot cocoa and cider. We soon were warm and still giddy from our sleigh ride.

We hope you’ll have as much fun going through these images as we had experiencing them, and if you’re thinking you need this experience, we agree, you do!


{Photography: Grace Adams Photography, Vendor: Horse Trekkin Alaska}

Behind the Scenes: FMK April Feature

We mentioned already that we had a last minute shoot come up and we LOVED every minute of it. We met Josh Hales of Horse Trekkin Alaska on Sunday and on Thursday we were on a sleigh ride with him and Big Fred.

Grace, Austin and I recruited recently engaged James and Kristi to add a little love to our shoot.

I cannot recommend this vendor ENOUGH, Horse Trekkin Alaska. We went on a 3 mile, hour long sleigh ride that ended with cider and a private fire. Talk about romantic, if there wasn’t five of us I imagine James and Kristi would’ve had as intimate time as we made them look.

Expect to see Grace’s stunning images tomorrow! We are so excited about this one, yet again.

Behind the Scenes: FMK April Feature from Forget Me Knot Inspirations on Vimeo.


{Photography: Grace Adams Photography, Vendor: Horse Trekkin Alaska}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“I like the way you hung the moon,
Well I just like being close to you,
When you’re gone i feel so blue,
Yeah, I like the way you hung the moon…” — Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

{Photo Courtesy of Benj Haisch Photography}

FMK FAB Giveaway : Ice Audio Inc. DJ Wedding Package

Ice Audio Inc. is a new DJ and sound management business bursting on the wedding scene this summer! We always are excited to see new vendors, and with as much class as ICE Audio too. ICE is offering a GENEROUS giveaway to a bride worth $900 (just imagine what you could do with your budget with that type of savings). This package includes a standard 7 hour wedding (1.5 hour ceremony and 5.5 hour reception), an Emcee to keep the party going, and complete with a full sound system and lighting equipment to have a great time boogying the night away.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Ice Audio Inc., Primary Contact: Luke Lenichek, Ph: 907.903.2230, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Shannon Bridal Portraits

One thing we feel like we don’t see enough of in Alaska is bridal portraits. Bridal portraits can be an easier and fun way to get photos of the bride without the hassle and stress of the wedding. A lot of brides in the south do bridal portraits and then display their favorites at the wedding reception. Also a clever gift for your groom. Wanda Michelle Photography put together a charming collection of Shannon’s bridal portraits. 

And Shannon is a stunning bride. We love girly days and we can only imagine that this bridal portrait shoot was SPLENDID!

We adore real Alaska love and real Alaska brides! They’re the prettiest we’ve ever seen!


{Photography: Wanda Michelle Photography, Location: Fairbanks}

FMK FAB Giveaway : Alana Friese Couples Photography Session

We’re still recovering from Alana’s Real Alaska Love submission, but so ready to see more of her work! So, for our couples who are looking to have some photos done Alana is giving away a 2 hour couples session, can be applied to engagement or anniversary photo sesh.

And, as fans of Alana, we can tell you with certainty this chick will put you at ease and you’ll also have THE best time. This giveaway is a SERIOUS prize.


*Note the session location is limited to the city of Anchorage and schedule is to be coordinated with Alana’s availability.

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{Alana Friese Photography, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Shay + Devon

We have the biggest crush on this engagement session it’s almost nauseating. No, really if we could we’d be whispering, “you hang up first…” before bedtime to this entire session. Not only are these images from Alana Friese Photography totally Alaskan, they’re totally SWOONWORTHY.

WARNING: The couple and images you are about to see are so flippin’, ridiculously good looking it is recommended you look through these in small doses. There may be addictive qualities to their real Alaskan lovin’.

I mean, DANG! These two are smokin’ and melting the ice caps as we speak. We could not even daydream a more idyllic Last Frontier romance than what’s displayed below. There’s no way we can oversell what you’re about to see. And for those of you who are liking what you see, we’ll be featuring a giveaway from Alana tomorrow. Yeah, get ready.

Is it any wonder why we’re crazy nuts about real Alaska love?!?!?!


{Photography: Alana Friese Photography}

FMK FAB Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for Alaska’s Event Designer

Now that you know a little bit about Shay, and if you’re a bride, how much you’ll need her support, we’re happy she’s offering a giveaway! Enter below to win $100 gift certificate in planning services for a new client! $100 with Shay would equal up to 2 hours of set up and break down time, keeping track of RSVP’s of up to 200 guests, or 4 hours worth of consultation time (at $25 per/hour).


a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Alaska’s Event Designer, Ph: (907) 398-3112, }

Vendor Spotlight: Alaska’s Event Designer

Can we just say we love 21st Century technology and how it’s made our world, and state, smaller? We had the great delight of making Alaska seem smaller over Skype with Shay Jackinsky, Alaska’s Event Designer in Soldotna.


Shay is a true Alaskan born and bred, granddaughter of a Ninilchik homesteader, she has a long legacy of family in our state.

She’s also that true American story, of someone working hard, loving what she does, and going for it! Seriously, this is the stuff Disney movies are made of.

As an event designer, Shay’s got years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a heart that looks for creativity. We loved her since she’s always looking for something new and doesn’t settle for status quo. She remembers what works and makes it better. I’m pretty sure that’s our dream come true when it comes to event designers.

Oh, and before we forget, Shay’s participating in our FAB giveaways! We’ll have her giveaway offer up later today and it’ll go through next week! So brides, get ready!


After planning events and working for businesses in the Soldotna community, two years ago she decided it was time to branch out on her own and start Alaska’s Event Designer. And it wasn’t long before she was planning birthdays, weddings, and parties on the Kenai.

Since she first began planning events (all the way back in high school) Shay’s become more confident and focused on her vision for events. Now with her experience, she brings a lot to the table when it comes to event planning and she sees her clients willing to invest in her knowledge and expertise, she always delivers.


As you can imagine, living in Soldotna and planning events on the Peninsula she’s learned to think way outside the box and grow with different cultures, and personalities.

It’s hard to find an event planning with versatility and vision, but Shay’s got it. She is so at ease when it comes to talking styles, colors, and themes that when it comes to her repertoire it is just as diverse as her clientele.

As for weddings, she wants to create what the bride has dreamed about. She’s always researching and playing around for inspiration. As a night owl she’ll sometimes sit for hours with materials and props letting her creativity go wild. But when it comes to design, life is always the finishing touch.

Shay is especially dreaming that Anchorage and Valley brides will be interested in doing a “mini-destination” wedding on the Peninsula. With so many B&B’s, lakes, and getaways in the area, Shay has her favorites and a few secret spots. She told us how there’s definitely a market for more weddings on the Peninsula, and she has the connections to make them happen! She’s even willing to Skype potential clients from across the state or elsewhere (we like her ingenuity and willingness).


As an event designer, she’s strict to timelines. She works hard to keep vendors, bridal party, and herself on time and ready early. You don’t know how often we hear about food being cold or someone missing a photo because a good itinerary hasn’t been kept.

She also isn’t shy of working within a budget, she’s willing to give discounts, tailor her pricing according to the event, and carefully work with vendors to fit her brides needs. Having a person going to bat for your budget is a gem in a minefield! We are delighted by her tenacity and understanding of brides on a budget.

Additionally, she realizes not all brides can afford to hire her for the wedding, so she offers brides a consultation meeting for $25 an hour she’ll brainstorm with you on budget, design, and vendors. This is because Shay invests in her relationships with her clients, they become her friends not just a business venture.

When it comes to budget, she offers One, Two, and Three Carat packages.  She also has rehearsal and wedding day only packages. Lose diamond package, where she creates a package for her brides according to their budget and what they want for their event. Brides typically come with their budget, depending on each bride she tries to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

In fact, she has a budget to keep brides on budget so they don’t go over. Grooms and parents especially love that about Shay.  And she always has a watchful eye over where they can save money.

All initial consultations with Shay are free. She understands that weddings are a big deal, take more time, preparation, thought, and relationship. And she doesn’t do cookie cutter weddings, knowing all of her brides are different.


Her summer is already filling up with weddings and she excited for the challenge and fun of wedding season.

We asked Shay what’s the one thing she wishes more Alaskan brides would do, and she said favors. She wishes more brides would see it as an opportunity to do something special for their guests.

Finally, we asked Shay what her advice for upcoming brides and grooms. Can you guess? “Hire a planner!” she exclaimed, smiling. The greatest way you can enjoy and actual remember your first step into marriage is to make sure someone else is worrying about the details. It’s not the money you spend on the centerpieces or what flavor the cake is, it’s starting the rest of your life with someone. It’s a day to enjoy each other and the people who do life with you. So she wants her clients to be able to love the whole process.

And let’s not forget, the secret venue spots she has up her sleeve. We love secrets, and especially surprises.


So schedule some Skype time with Shay! Or go visit her in person down in Soldotna! She travels across the Peninsula doing events, so if you’re in Homer give her a buzz. We loved our precious time with her and we have no doubt you will too.

{Alaska’s Event Designer, Ph: (907) 398-3112, Email: }

Real Alaska Love :: Lacey + Kyle

So, we’ve doubled up on our autumnal engagement sessions these past two weeks, but can you blame us? Such a stinkin’ amazing season in our state deserves to be recognized. And we just love the romanticism of fall. Today we have a HEART SWELTERING sesh from Shawna at Narrow Road Productions, one of our delightful Soldotna Photographers. And she is just a master at capturing intimate moments and fun lovin’!

Speaking of fun lovin’, Lacey and Kyle got it and a bag of chips. And we’re not joking. That extra side of goodness is that these two are RIDICULOUSLY good looking. Wait, did we add enough emphasis to the ridiculously part? ‘Cause it’s ridiculous. Plus the chemistry, we’re feeling it.

Stuck on real AK lovin’.


{Photography: Narrow Road Productions, Location: Soldotna, Alaska}

FMK FAB Giveaway: Ketchikan Dry Goods $50 Gift Certificate

If you didn’t know already, we love shopping locally. We ESPECIALLY love local shops and boutiques and Ketchikan Dry Goods ranks among those of our favorite local stops. This is a $50 gift certificate good for Ketchikan Dry Goods. For our Southeast friends, this ones for you. And even if you’re not from Southeast AK and plan on making a stop through lovely Ketchikan, don’t pass up the opportunity to stop in. You won’t regret it.


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Ketchikan Dry Goods, Ph: .907.225.3456, Email:

So This Is Love Snapshot

James + Christine-175

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

{Photo Courtesy of Natalie Champa Jennings Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Anne + Jason

After much debate whether to feature this wedding, we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to let you peek at this gorgeousness shot by Cherie from Dashing Life Photography. The disclaimer and reason for our debating, Cherie is no longer shooting weddings as of this year.  Maybe one day we’ll convince her to return, since she produces breathtaking images! She also does senior, family, and child portraits that are just as stunning.

Our hearts still swell over these gorgeous images! What’s not to love about an outdoor summer wedding, stunning bride, easy going groom, fun loving bridal party, and happy memories?!?!? As always, our Alaskan bride and grooms are just stinkin’ good looking and this couple is no exception to that rule. What a lovely backyard, Alaskan, summer occasion! We’re obsessed!

Still very much in love with real Alaska love.



{Photography: Dashing Life Photography, Location: Eagle River}

FMK FAB Giveaway: Two Dozen Cupcakes from Sweet Treats by Melissa

Got a sweet tooth? We do and we’d be ready to feast on this giveaway from Sweet Treats by Melissa! Super delicious cupcakes, flavor of my choice sounds like a yummy delight! Melissa is just as sweet as her goods and you would be AMAZED at the deliciousness she can whip up! Enter via Rafflecopter below to win this tasty delight!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sweet Treats by Melissa, Phone: 907.394.2681, Email:


Real Alaska Love :: Lacey + Iver

So by now you know, we pretty much swoon at any lovin’ we clap eyes on. But, Dolce Vita Photo Boutique has done an extraordinary job of plummeting headlong in love with this session. This autumnal engagement session full of golden hues and lovely stolen glances is PERFECTION!

As always, this session is wouldn’t be complete without a ridiculously easy on the eyes Alaskan couple! Lacey and Iver (whose name is amazing) are stinkin’ GORGEOUS! We’re going to have trouble getting over how amazing this session is! Not only is autumn our favorite season, but this session is also one of our favorites! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

Still hopelessly all about real Alaska lovin’.


{Photography: Dolce Vita Photo Boutique}

Behind the Lens: Erica Rose Photography

Erica Rose is a photographer I’ve been dying to meet for so long.  A couple weeks ago we finally had the chance to sit down and chat. It was like we had been friends all along, and I found myself wishing we had more time together.

What struck me upon meeting Erica is her sweet demeanor and natural easiness. We sat sipping coffee, chatting, and giggling through most of our meeting. It was entirely DELIGHTFUL!

During our time together I loved the priceless pieces of advice Erica had, we talked about everything from art to being a small business owner,  to balancing work, travel, and motherhood. She truly is an astounding woman!


Erica’s journey to Alaska is just a lovely and she is. A native of Vancouver B.C. she ended up going to college in Chicago. On the last night for her junior year she met a guy at a party who was graduating the next day. He asked if she wanted to come to Alaska in two weeks and work at a camp. And, of course, she said yes and two weeks later showed up in Palmer, AK. That summer, she began dating her husband, the guy who invited her to camp.

After getting married, Erica and her husband moved back to Chicago. It was time for Erica to begin another adventure, and this time she determined to teach herself how to use a DSLR and editing software. She began her portrait photography business in Chicago, the ball started rolling and she began booking more and more jobs.

Priceless: If you have the freedom to, take a risk and try something you love doing.

What we were delighted to hear from Erica, is she LOVES shooting weddings. She’s a rare breed of photographer who would be content to do weddings ALL the time.

Priceless: If you’re a photographer, specialize in your type of photography and do it well. You can make a successful business out of anything, but your best work will be the work you love and hone your skills.

 We loved how Erica said she finds herself smiling throughout the entire day she shoots a wedding. Her aim is to add to the most important day of your life.

Now she’s having fun doing sessions the families that are started from the weddings she shot.

Priceless: Learn how to communicate confidently put your subjects at ease while you pose them.

Now that Erica’s been in the wedding business she limits the number of weddings she does, looking for couples that she knows will be a good fit. A lot of the brides she chooses feel like she’s been friends forever. This natural friendship Erica believes make her photos even better.

Priceless: Simple and classic images are timeless and last forever.

With a background in art, Erica has a strong sense of style and composure. As a photographer she works to emphasize color, accurate exposure, and good composition so she can do less editing and focus on delivering an image that is true to the moment.

Priceless: Tell a story artistically and document lives around you.

Erica loves when her clients know what they want and can articulate it. She believes that there’s a relationship that goes along with her business, she doesn’t just show up to an event and leave. She leaves her sessions and wedding days with new friends.

Erica’s favorite memories are from the planning process before the wedding. She loves meeting with her couples to talk about ideas, go out for dinner and become genuine friends. Since that often can’t happen on the wedding day she’s always grateful to have met their family and feel natural with her new friends.

RoseFam_059bw copy

Beneath Erica’s sweet demeanor there’s an adventurous pioneer. The same adventurer that came to Alaska in two weeks is the same woman who would fly back from Chicago to do a wedding in Unakleet (two weddings in one weekend, miles apart). Her flight from Chicago was delayed and she was worried she wasn’t going to make her flight to make the wedding in Unakleet. A few phone calls later, a sprint through Ted Stevens Airport, a plane waiting a half hour for her, Erica made it to the wedding with just her equipment. She borrowed a kuspuk and shot a gorgeous couple in Unakleet.

That’s just one of the MANY stories Erica has.

Erica wants her clients to be able to look back at photos that are lasting and not images that follow the latest trend.

Priceless: Know your camera.

Erica’s dreams come true when weddings are cohesive and everything naturally flows together. When vision meet creativity and details.

 She does wish more brides and grooms would allow photographers to have inputs in timelines for the wedding day. Lighting availability in Alaska can make a HUGE difference.

Priceless: Lighting is IMPORTANT for good photos.

The last piece of advice Erica imparted wrapped up what we loved about Erica as a businesswoman and photographer. She’s learned less is more. Know yourself to know what you can do well. Be self aware and realistic. Learn that the business side takes just as much time if not more as photographing. You have to know and budget the right amount of time for business.

From Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle, or Alaska Erica thrives on variety. She lives with her husband and son in Anchorage, but is willing to adventure and travel. In fact, her thirst for adventure is hoping for some crazy, extreme Alaska weddings! So let’s make it happen!

Meet this sweet, multi-talented woman! You’ll be thankful you did!

Erica Rose Photography, Phone: 907.232.9127 , Email:

Real Alaska Love :: Tallee + Jeff

Can it be? A surprise wedding? Our dreams and favorite things literally collided when we found out that yes indeed, Tallee and Jeff pulled off a surprise wedding. Well, surprise to their friends and family. We are over the moon at the creativity of these two and this wedding from Beauty Board Media.

Tallee is just lovely and we are crazy about the way Jeff is just caught up with her in these images. It is beautiful! We love seeing grooms just adoring their brides. SWOON! And Jeff is that, an adorable, adoring groom. We love the relaxed vibe, easy going lovin’, and romance of this wedding. It is effortless! And as a result makes us feel at home and in love all at the same time.

We’re still crazy about real Alaska love and Alaska’s lovers.


{Photography: Beauty Board Media, Location: Backyard}

FMK FAB Giveaway: Masters Catering Kiss Me I’m Irish Dinner for 5!

This month Masters Catering is giving away a special Irish dinner in honor of March 17th festivities. Enter below with Rafflecopter, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and enjoy authentic Irish fare!


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* Prize winner will need to pick up their prize at Masters Catering Kitchen on Dimond.

{Vendor: Masters Catering, Address: 750 W. Dimond Blvd. Suite 105, Anchorage, AK 99507, Phone:(907) 360-6445, Email: }

Real Alaska Love :: Beth + Lee

We’re missing the warmth of summer these days and waiting for our longer days turned into evenings. This is precisely why we’re SWOONING at this enchanting Fairbanks soiree from Tara Murray Photography.

And we don’t just adore this wedding, I’m stinkin’ in love with it! First of all, the location is DIVINE! Beth and Jason are brilliant to have a small, intimate, outdoor wedding in the mountains. Truly Alaskan. The day was breathtaking. Beth is simply lovely and charming! If we could dream, outdoor, Alaskan wedding it would be THIS ONE! The intimacy of Beth and Lee’s portraits have as gasping for breath they are so beautiful. Seriously you two, could you quit being so incredibly good looking?

Further proof that Alaskans make the best looking pairs and fuel for our obsession with real Alaska love.


{Photography: Tara Murray Photography, Location: A Hill Toward Fox, AK, Cake: The Family Tradition of Homemade Ice Cream}

FMK FAB Giveaways



In anticipation of wedding season we’re so very excited to tell you now through April we are partnering up with some of our favorite local vendors across the state to feature giveaways and specials just for our FMK readers! *

We will announce giveaways beginning next Wednesday! Participants can make multiple entries through Rafflecopter.

Be on the LOOKOUT! We can’t wait!

*Giveaway recipients must be Alaska residents.  Prizes will be based upon individual vendor details and availability.

So This Is Love Snapshot


“When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots are to become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is.” — Louis de Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin)

{Photo courtesy of Jaquilyn Shumate Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Sydne + Tony

There’s an indescribable giddiness we get when we see wedding photos and when we opened the images from this wedding from Amber Lee Hays photography we were jump out of our seat and squeal like a little girl excited.

This wedding’s warm tones and spirit made us long for wedding season (only a few short months away). The happiness that exudes from this occasion is captivating. Sydne is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. We can’t get over her smile. And this couple is SMART, small intimate wedding party that loads of fun (clearly).

One of our favorite pieces of these images is the intimacy between Tony and Sydne in their wedding images. We love a couple who can brave our extreme cold weather for the sake of STUNNING photographs. Can you blame us for having the hardest time EVER choosing which photos to feature?

Clearly, we’re still won over by real Alaska love.



{Photography: Amber Lee Hays Photography, Smile A Little Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Rachael + CJ

You should know by now that surprises and engagements thrill us to no end, so today’s feature from Penny of Becoming Images has us in a tizzy of excitement! Engagement + Surprise = FMK FAVE!

These images are so fun and intimate we felt like we were a part of the entire session. Rachael, you are breathtaking! It’s no wonder why CJ wants to keep you smiling, we’re beguiled by you two! What a stunning session out on Douglas Island to make us long for warmer, flip flop weather, and romantic walks on the beach. We love laid back, naturally easy love on the beach and topped off with a surprise.

Dare you even ask? Of course our hearts still skip a beat when we see real Alaska love.


{Photography: Becoming Images, Location: Douglas Island, Alaska}

So This Is Love Snapshot

2.27Rouxby- Petra+Ryan copy


“I’ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie
All the day and nighttime, hear me sigh
I never had the least notion
That I could fall with such emotion” — Ella Fitzgerald

{Photo courtesy of Rouxby}

Style File: 2013 Spring Wedding Gown Trends

We had the great pleasure to attend the Once in a Millennium Bridal Fashion Show this past week with Rebecca from La Boum Events. We LOVED spending time with gorgeous ladies and dapper gentleman. We were delighted and swooned over Sarah’s Steampunk’d designed gorgeousness! We were inspired to give you our favorite 2013 spring wedding gown trends.


1. Peplum Skirts – We adore this vintage fashion classic that is reappearing on the runway. Not only surprising, it’s also romantic and sexy on ladies with a figure to show off.

2. Ruffles- They’re still in and still classic. We go crazy for ruffles of any kind.

3. Subtle Hues- Brides, don’t feel like you have to be bound by whites and ivories any longer! The fall trend is carrying over to spring as hues of blush and champagne have crept into wedding gowns. These airy colors are breathtaking and gorgeous.

4. Corset/Bustier Bodices- Bustier bodies and sweet heart necklines are in full swing this season. We’re entranced by the romanticism, gorgeous necklines, and flattering figure this fit offers.

5. Sleeves – While strapless gowns are still popular, keep in mind that sleeves are back in and we LOVE the stunning gowns and flattering sleeves. Whether off the shoulder or full lace sleeves we’re enchanted by this classic trend.

Real Alaska Love :: Lilly + Tim

I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic we are about this occasion from Melissa Laggis of The Picture Lady. First these two are UNBELIEVEABLY in love and it’s TOTALLY evident. Second, it’s a winter wedding and the bride is brave enough to be -10 degrees in a strapless gown. And lastly, look at these romantic lights! ~sigh~ We love.

Not only is the wedding entirely lovely, but these two are just in love. And we ADORE the bridesmaid gowns. Seriously, we ADORE them. So, props to Lilly. Lilly and Tim you put on a rockin’ wedding and we are so fortunate to peak at these images.

We can’t get over real Alaska love and how much we’re into it.


{Photography: The Picture Lady}

Real Alaska Love :: Lauren + John

This Thursday we have a simply DELIGHTFUL engagement session from B. Weiss Photography. We just love it when a photographer is invited to be a part of a couple’s life and capture their moments naturally, and that’s just what Lauren and John did.

For one the easy going nature of these two is contagious! And secondly, they clearly love their pup. These three are already a precious family! We adore how Lauren and John’s natural ease with each other and the camera. We felt like we could grab a cup of coffee with these two and have a grand time!

And, nothing’s changed. We’re still in love with real, authentic, Alaska love.


{Photography: B. Weiss Photography}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” — When Harry Met Sally

{Photo courtesy of Bethany Carlson Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Jessi + Daniel

While we do love our Alaskan winter we’ve been reminiscing about warmer days. The wedding we have today from Studio Ardent Photography leaves us breathless and longing for Alaskan autumn days. And if you don’t swoon at the stunning hues of green and captivating oranges of autumn hinting it’s presence, you might need to check your heart condition. The genuineness of this one is magical, and we can tell these two just adore one another!

It’s easy to see why Amber of Studio Ardent loved being a part of this wedding!

Jessi and Daniel are what we want every bride and groom to be, fun and in love. It doesn’t get much better than this. And we’d have to agree Daniel, Batman is our favorite superhero too. We caught our breath at bridesmaids in royal blue! WOW! Talk about gorgeous and in contrast with Alaska’s natural beauty, we are absolutely delighted. Jessi’s dark locks, brilliant eyes, and beguiling smile is just captivating. Daniel, you’re a lucky man.

Ssssshhhhhh….don’t tell anyone but, we really LIKE real Alaska love. So freakin’ much!


{Photography: Studio Ardent Photography, Location: Houston, Alaska}

FMK Holidays: Happy President’s Day


Today we thought we’d honor President’s Day by celebrating the love of our nation’s leaders and their First Ladies. We don’t often think of them as the romantic types, but they couldn’t do it without the love and support of their wives. One of the greatest examples of this is the relationship between John and Abigail Adams, who maintained their relationship through over 1,100 letters. Their exchanges spanned time, continents, and now history.

So join us celebrating President’s Day, their leadership and their loves!

“My Dearest Friend,

 …should I draw you the picture of my Heart, it would be what I hope you still would Love; tho it contained nothing new; the early possession you obtained there; and the absolute power you have ever maintained over it; leaves not the smallest space unoccupied. I look back to the early days of our acquaintance; and Friendship, as to the days of Love and Innocence; and with an indescribable pleasure I have seen near a score of years roll over our Heads, with an affection heightened and improved by time — nor have the dreary years of absence in the smallest degree effaced from my mind the Image of the dear untitled man to whom I gave my Heart…” — 1782 Excerpt from Abigail Adams’ letter to her husband John Adams

Real Alaska Love :: Kim + Carl

So, we’re celebrating this day of love with one a FAVORITE engagement session from the lovely Cat Dossett. Seriously, ladies and gentleman, this one is JAW DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS! Just get your jaw off the floor now. It’s amazing.

We adore this intimate winter picnic concept and it looks like Kim and Carl didn’t mind cuddling together for this one. We just ADORE the entire look of this shoot. But more importantly, we love the INTIMACY of the entire shoot. The vintageness of these images are SWOONWORTHY. Kim and Carl are model natural lovers and easy intimacy that is CAPTIVATING!

Even more in LOVE with Real Alaska love and our Alaska Lovers, as always are THE most good looking.


{Photography: Cat Dossett I Take Photos}

FMK Holidays: Happy Valentine’s Day!



Fresh February : Keep the Romance

February is finally here and with it cupid, hearts, chocolates, and red roses – Valentine’s Day. For Alaskans, February can seem pretty dismal. Be honest, how many times have you searched for tickets to Hawaii?

We decided to have a little fun with Valentines Day and suggest not just making February about one day, but an ENTIRE month to keep things fresh and exciting. We came up with 5 ways to romance February.


{Photo courtesy of Alan Friese Photography}

1.    The Original Text Message

Remember when you had to hand write letters to your sweetie? Maybe you haven’t yet. Well, we think it’s time to go old school and start sending love notes. They can be long or short, just as long as your telling your sharing something special For this fresh February idea, see if you can write a note a week or every other day. And to spice it up even more, try hiding your notes to each other!

2.    Themes a Game

Plan out a “themed” date every week. Dressing up and going out to dinner is fun, but we’re going for a change up this month. Our favorite theme ideas are below:

  • Sports Theme: Don’t forget buffalo wings on this one! Pick a sporting event to watch together. Get in your jerseys, paint your face, and fill up on some team spirit. For fun root for opposing teams. Or if games aren’t your thing, pick a sporty movie to watch together (here’s some suggestions: The Sandlot, Remember the Titans, Angels in the Outfield, Field of Dreams, or Rudy). And to really make things interesting, choose a code word beforehand and smooch your honey every time someone says that word!
  • Get Out and Play: This is VITAL for a good February romance. Especially when you don’t feel like it. Go skating, skiing, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, or walking. Hold hands, have a snow ball fight, and give your date an Eskimo kiss. After all, we do live in Alaska.


{Photo courtesy of Dashing Life Photography}

  • Pajama Party: Yeah, we said it. Spend the day in your PJ’s and get cozy. There’s nothing like a cuddlefest to make you feel the romance. ~wink~ If you happen to build a blanket fort, read or watch a movie in there, you have our FULL endorsement.
  • Scavenger Hunt: One of you, or BOTH of you can plan a scavenger hunt adventure. Perhaps it will lead you back to special places you’ve been or just be a challenge. Be sure to have a prize at the end of your hunt
  • Beach Babes: Yes, it’s winter, and yes, we all want to be in Hawaii right about now. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t your bring home the tropics. Slip into something for the Caribbean and create an evening at home. Sip a Mai Thai, light some tikki torches (or candles), crank up the heat (for a little while), and you can even turn on the sound of ocean waves (there’s an app for that).
  • Child’s Play:  Break out some classics for an evening and challenge each other to a competitive round of games. Remember Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, or Operation? Well, they can be just as fun when you’re older, if not MORE fun. Remember to make it a fierce competition.

3.    Q&A

When was the last time you found out something outrageously fantastic about your love? We can all get in the habit of asking the ritual questions, “How was your day?” etc. But, we hope you’re always discovering something new about each other. So, this month we’re challenging you to ask your love five unpredictable questions. We jotted down a few for you to get started below:

  • What are you most afraid of?
  • If you had any super power what would it be?
  • What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you recently?
  • What do you fall asleep thinking about?
  • What do you wake up thinking about?
  • If you were a Disney character, who would you be?
  • What sport do you LEAST enjoy?
  • Who was your first Valentine?
  • What was your favorite Valentine’s Day?
  • How have you felt cared for by me the most lately?


{Photo courtesy of Erica Rose Photography}

4.    Couple’s Collage

Take a photo a day of you and your someone for a month. Yes, this may seem simple, but it’s still sweet. These photos don’t have to be fancy, but they will become special, and it becomes a challenge to snap a shot of you two.  If you’re separated consider swapping photos each day. Memories are tied to our senses, and you will be surprised to look back on that month and see what you each remember.


{Photo courtesy of Grace Adams Photography}

5.    Heartfelt Made

Yes, we love handmade gifts, cards, or even meals from our dearest. So, make something this month to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

We certainly and wishing you a fresh February and your hearts warmer than our winter!

So This Is Love Snapshot



“From far, from eve and morning
And yon twelve-winded sky,
The stuff of life to knit me
Blew hither: here am I.

Now– for a breath I tarry
Nor yet disperse apart–
Take my hand quick and tell me,
What have you in your heart.

Speak now, and I will answer;
How shall I help you, say;
Ere to the wind’s twelve quarters
I take my endless way.” – A.E. Housman

{Photo courtesy of Jonas Peterson Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Lacey + Richard

This morning we have a fun winter wedding from Rachel Lynn Photography. Winter occasions are a reality of our state, and it just delights us to no end when we see a couple really pull it off!

Lacey and Richard do just that, as you will see in the following images, and have crazy amounts of fun in the process. We love that Lacey was free to choose bright colors and hues of pink to style her wedding. Just check out this wedding party, they had a good time. Lacey and Richard, we can definitely tell you two ADORE each other. It’s HEART warming in this especially chilling winter weather. Just what we needed to kick start our week!

Still hopelessly in love with real Alaska lovin’!


{Photography: Rachel Lynn Photography, Ceremony: First Baptist Church Eagle River, Reception: Otter Lake}

FMK Special : POP the Question!


We’re partnering up with La Boum Events for an exciting new feature directed at POPPING the BIG question. La Boum Events will now be offering proposal planning services. We know how men spend endless hours picking out the perfect ring, and planning your engagement day deserves time, careful planning, and attention to detail.

La Boum Events will craft an unforgettable proposal for your day, alleviating the stress and pressure so you can lavish your lady with the love she deserves. The best thing about it, La Boum is willing to work with your budget and customize your proposal planning package.

FMK will be featuring and highlighting the engagements that happen via La Boum’s planning services. Additionally, we’ll be partnering to bring new, fresh ideas to engagement planning in our Dude Corner (venues, tips, and ideas).

We can’t even begin to tell you how ECSTATIC we are about this new project. Feel free to email us with your inquiry, and if you’re a dude that’s got the ring and just needs a plan contact Rebecca at La Boum

We’re excited for what the future holds, loves!

Real Alaska Love :: Vo Photography Bridal Portraits

Today we have something a little different than our typical Alaska love post, but nothing short of STUNNING. We have gorgeous bridal portraits from Vo Photography. We are absolutely delighted with the following images, further proof that Alaska ladies are the prettiest.

Cody, Julie, Lexi, Nathalia, and Sabrina are all BREATHTAKING!

Thank you, Vo Photography, for further proof that Real Alaska Love and Alaska ladies are THE most beautiful.

Cody FMK
Nathalia FMK
Julie FMK
Lexi FMK
sabrina 2 FMK
Sabrina FMK

{Photographer: Vo Photography, Make Up Artist: La Toya Avila of Barbie Dolled Up}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“I am thinking there’s a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned.” — The Postal Service

{Photo courtesy of Three Nails Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Brit + Drew

Alright, so our obsession with real AK lovin’ is always super obvious, but we need a word to top OBVIOUS because we are entranced, enthralled, obsessed, and SWOONING over our feature from Narrow Road Productions today.

First of all, Brit is a BOMBSHELL! Her platinum blonde and vintage makeup is irresistible. Drew is one lucky man. And, can these two even keep their eyes off each other? Nope. Officially so in love with each other it’s catching! Additionally, these two have the smolder down to PERFECTION, and we mean PERFECTION! To make this wedding even more delightful (you didn’t think it was possible) check out the adorable flower girls in tutus and the SUPER fun wedding party. This event has best wedding of the year written all over it.

Brit and Drew, we are dying over the PERFECTION of your Real Alaska Love!


{Photographer: Narrow Road Productions, Wedding Designer: Alaska’s Event Designer, Location: Soldotna, AK}

FMK Holidays: Love Is In the Air – Our Favorite Etsy Cards

Love is in the air, and instead of waiting until the last minute to buy your sweetie something from Target, consider browsing through the BRILLIANT creative designs over at Etsy. What made the cut for us this year? Witty and sweet.
























Behind the Lens: Sophia Jordan Photography

A couple weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to talk with Sophia Jordan, a Fairbanks photographer. But not only is she a Fairbanks photographer, but she’s also an Army wife. We love ambitious entrepreneurs and that’s just what Sophia is.

Since high school, Sophia has always been taking photos. Intrigued by composition and technique, she embraced photography as a science and art from the get go. As a result a passion for creating stunning images was born, and she went on to pursue an art degree and photography internship in Virginia. Upon arriving in Fairbanks she launched her business and has been in full swing since.

What we adore about Sophia is her detailed eye for composition and art that compliments her relational, fun demeanor. Despite her youthful appearance (jealous much?) she is full of experience, knowledge, and a careful eye for shots. We gabbed about inspiration, clients, weddings, and the reality of Army wives (and we’re not talking about the tv show).

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.03.28 AM


Sophia classifies herself as a natural light, life documentary, journalistic style that captures real life. She especially loves capturing people in their natural element and sees deep beauty in her clients as they are.

As her business has grown she’s become more confident in her style and work. As inspiration, she likes to occasionally shoot with film.

As an artist she focuses on the life and soul of everything she photographs drawing from the natural beauty as the artist sees it. She desires to make people who see her work feel something. She considers it a great accomplishment when viewers respond with an emotion from looking at a piece.

When preparing for a shoot, Sophia prepares her inspiration above and beyond, meeting with the clients before hand, visualizing posing and ideas, and even walking a location before the shoot.

She loves shooting weddings, engagements, and would even love to venture into bridal portraits.


When it comes to clients, Sophia is adamant about up front communication and making the shoot the most fun for them. Her spunky, fun personality is infectious and she loves using that to kick off a shoot and get subjects relaxed. She has the best time with clients who are willing to trust her and have fun.

She meets with her clients before the shoot and just gets crazy excited when they can shoot at a location meaningful to a couple. Sentimental significance excites her and if she can capture something intimate and meaningful, Sophia is IN.

Since she wants the absolute best experience for her clients, she loves working with people who are up front and honest. She suggests telling your photographer beforehand what you want. Expectations are okay and natural, so let your photographer know.

Sophia has found that when expectations are communicated sessions can be more relaxed and there’s more smiling.

“We need more smiling in the world.” We couldn’t agree more, Sophia.

Her advice to anyone looking for a photographer, find someone you trust, stick with simplistic wardrobe (busy, overwhelming patterns can distract), and communicate.


Sophia likely loves weddings almost as much as FMK (we said almost). She loves and feels privileged knowing a couple by the end of their day. She gets especially giddy over the weddings that are a celebration of love and life. The ones where she goes home so wowed by what just happened, “That feeling that everything in life is right there in front of you and feel their love so much you have to share it.”

As a photographer, she welcomes the challenges that weddings bring. Sophia sees challenges as an opportunity to use and hone her skills.

Sophia actually had a small courthouse wedding, and love how sweet and simple it was to spend time with close friends and family. She had a small bouquet and they met up with friends and family for a reception at a local restaurant. What she loved about her wedding is how it was all about people who loved and cared about them

Her advice to brides planning courthouse weddings? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Don’t stress over ever last detail. And, do what you can to personalize and make it seem like a wedding.


Military Life

We loved talking with Sophia about her life as a photographer and military wife, and she understands, considering the majority of her marriage was initially spent apart. She said the trick is to not sink in and feel alone. Be thankful for the time you have together and always find ways to focus on you and your spouse.

As a military wife, she looks for little ways to surprise her husband and keep their romance alive. She would shove notes in his bible, bag, and random places for him to find while he was away. WE LOVE THAT!

“Be busy. She tried to keep active. The attitude makes all the difference. Let yourself cry, but don’t let that over take you. Think about how he wants you to be while he’s away. You gotta be strong for both of you. “

Sophia feels privileged to photograph many military couples, and she strongly encourages more couples to do anniversary shoots before deploying. And if you can do a photo shoot and go to dinner (alone) together afterward that’s even better!

We really loved our time with lovely Sophia. We’re excited to see more of her work come out from the Golden Heart City. Check out her page and get to know her, we think you’ll have just as much fun as we did!

Sophia Jordan Photography, Email: a href=””>, Ph: 703.477.5601

Real Alaska Love :: Chesley + Nigel

We adore couples who can make a cup of coffee romantic, and these two have got it. This engagement session from Erica Rose Photography is enchanting! What we love most about the following images is how naturally easy Chelsey and Nigel’s romance is.

First of all, clearly their love is infectious! Check out Chelsey’s smile and Nigel’s grin! I mean really, these two are just a DELIGHT! And just another reason why we still are CRAZY about real Alaska lovers.


{Photography: Erica Rose Photography}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“But for now I’ll just say I love you
Nothing more seems important somehow
And tomorrow can wait come whatever
Let me love you forever but right now
Right now” — Jamie Cullum

{Photo courtesy of Oh Darling Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Meagan + Dave

This winter wedding from Carrie Lambing Photographic is literally going to make your head spin! It is so strikingly beautiful that when we saw it we felt faint, our knees got weak, and jaws dropped all at once! SERIOUSLY!

There’s just something about winter weddings; the crisp, cold air, golden light off the snow, and brave super attractive Alaskan lovers to make these shots just GORGEOUS! Remember, Alaska lovers are the MOST attractive. A theory we’re proving as a fact with each Real Alaska Love post.

Meagan and Dave are PERFECT! If they were any more perfect I doubt these images would exist. Clearly their love for one another is already beating the odds, like the odds of being freezing cold and looking AMAZING. We just adore the intimacy Carrie caught of these two. Not only that, but we’re head over heels for the color palette of this occasion, winter grays and blues and we’re a goner. PLUS bridesmaids who chose their own dress and are in boots in the snow! Can this wedding be more AMAZING?!?!?!? Oh, and an Irish Friendship ring to seal the deal?! Done. We’re obsessed with this one.

Meagan and Dave, thank you for proving how captivating and breathtaking winter weddings really are.

In case you didn’t know, we’re still in love with real Alaska love.


{Photography: Carrie Lambing Photographic, Ceremony Venue: United Protestant Church, Reception: Palmer Train Depot, Location: Palmer, Alaska}

So The Is Love Snapshot


“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.”
― C.S. Lewis

{Photo courtesy of John Sharpe Photography}

FMK January Feature : A Proposal To Remember Part 2

We’re finishing off our swoonworthy proposal tale with Grace Adam Photography’s images. And if you were able to recover from yesterday’s images get ready for a whole new set of loveliness.

Our shoot went off so well, and we couldn’t have pulled it all together without Vanessa and Grace’s masterful artistry and willingness to adapt to our Alaska weather. And I knew from the get go this shoot was going to be extraordinary when Vanessa and I began creating EPIC code names for the day, to keep the secret and the suspense alive.

Yesterday when we left off we had begun shooting Theresa and Jake’s fake/real (unbeknownst to Theresa) engagement shoot. The setting was rustic and lovely. A gorgeous barn in the Valley positioned the entire shoot for success.

Once again, photographing these two was so easy and natural. And once again we kept saying, “Seriously, could you be any more ridiculously good looking?” I mean, they are an Alaskan couple, so we’re not surprised.

We started losing light and made our way up to the barn loft where we had strung lights and made a intimate picnic area. Jake and Theresa started dancing in the lights and you could almost hear a collective sigh from all of us watching. It was just TOO perfect.

Finally the time to wrap up the shoot and get to the good stuff, the proposal. We had schemed with Jake before the shoot to distract Theresa while Jake and I started “packing up the props” A.K.A. give the ring BACK to him. We cleaned up, packed up, and went our separate ways.

But really, Vanessa, Grace, and I rallied back up at the Noisy Goose where Theresa and Jake’s family and friends were waiting. We arrived to a very excited crowd. Soon Jake and Theresa arrived. They began making their way through the restaurant when Jake finally stopped at the predetermined spot and dropped down to one knee. Theresa then seeing friends, family, and us there finally knew what was going to happen.

The ring she’d been modeling all day long was actually her’s, and so was the man she’d been modeling with. ~WINK~

We were so honored to be a part of Theresa and Jake’s lovely, special day! And cherish our time and the memories we made that day.

Congratulations Theresa and Jake! We hope to see your wedding up in Real Alaska Love this year!


::: Wardrobe; Theresa’s skirt & polka dot tights: Forever 21, Jake’s shoes: Famous Footwear, Jake’s Plaid shirt: Target :::

{Photography: Grace Adams Photography,  Videographer: Forget Me Knot Inspirations, Hair and Makeup Artist: Troiane Young, Cupcakes: Cakes in Love, Floral Arrangements: Alaska Wholesale Flower Market, Location: Wasilla Family Barn, Models: Theresa & Jake}

FMK January Feature : A Proposal To Remember Part 1

Last September we had the delight of meeting and working with an AMAZING couple, Jake and Theresa. They were the VERY first models for our VERY first feature, A Fair Affair. And from the moment we met them we saw the essence of their love for one another. Not only that, but they were dripping with the “IT” factor from the first click of the shutter.

We didn’t just feel good fortune at the opportunity to photograph these two, we felt OVERWHELMED! During the whole shoot these two were so stinkin’ amazing we felt romantic and swooned at their chemistry, we just wanted them to get engaged and married right then and there at the fair. But, Jake, in all his brilliance, had other plans.

November came around and with it an email to me and Vanessa Powell (a thousand words photography by Vanessa Powell) from Jake. At long last what we had be DYING to see, a plan for a proposal to Theresa. Jake outlined that he wanted Vanessa and FMK to coordinate a pseudo/fake engagement shoot as a feature for FMK (clever and PERFECT). FMK would coordinate the details with Theresa (as we did for our September feature) and then do the shoot. Following the shoot Jake arranged for us and their friends and family to meet them up at the Noisy Goose (a favorite local restaurant of he and Theresa’s) where he would pop the question.

Vanessa and I were so ECSTATIC we began planning RIGHT away and I started coordinating the FMK piece with Theresa.

What Theresa didn’t know is we were coordinating with her we were also coordinating with Jake. ~WINK~

And let me tell you, it takes great finesse and ninja stealthiness to coordinate one story and the other REAL story at the same time. So, in the effort not to steal all the credit, I will give MAJOR gold stars to Vanessa and Grace for playing it cool via every communication medium possible to Theresa. And thank God for all the times I almost slipped up but didn’t (like the time I almost texted Theresa the details for the Noisy Goose arrangements, could’ve been catastrophic!).

Theme, wardrobe, location (beautiful barn in Wasilla!), and even a clever cover story about the ring to Theresa (I told her, “I may be able to get a ring from a local jeweler. YAY! What size are you?”) the day FINALLY arrived. Vanessa, Grace, and I started texting like giddy school girls first thing in the morning. We didn’t care that the weekend had been windy, most of the snow blown away, and rain was starting to drizzle. We were about to help make a romantic memory happen for one of our favorite couples!

We arrived out in Wasilla early Sunday afternoon. Trioane Young did an outstanding job with Theresa’s hair and makeup and Jake was ready to start shooting. We all felt jittery with excitement, but knew once the shoot started we’d be in the ZONE and ready to make the magic happen!

Arriving on site while Theresa was still getting pretty for her close up, we all took a close inspection of the ring and began setting up for a romantic engagement setting. Jake wanted every last detail to be perfect, and we couldn’t help but love that. But when the time came to put on a straight face, he was ready for go time.

Theresa arrived, we slipped the ring on her finger and began shooting (we didn’t want her to have a second chance for her to gander too long at the ring and realize HOW perfect it really was). She glanced down and said, “Oh, I really love this ring.” raising her hand to give Jake a closer look, “Please take note of this one.” She said, smiling. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Okay,” as nonchalantly as possible. Meanwhile, Vanessa, Grace, and I were all DYING with delight INSIDE.

Check back here tomorrow to see the rest of the story. We loved every last minute of this entire day!


::: Wardrobe; Theresa’s skirt & polka dot tights: Forever 21, Jake’s shoes: Famous Footwear, Jake’s Plaid shirt: Target :::

{Photography: A Thousand Words Photography by Vanessa Powell,  Videographer: Forget Me Knot Inspirations, Hair and Makeup Artist: Troiane Young, Cupcakes: Cakes in Love, Floral Arrangements: Alaska Wholesale Flower Market, Location: Wasilla Family Barn, Models: Theresa & Jake}

Behind the Scenes: FMK January Feature

Well folks, it’s finally here, the week we’ve been DYING to get here since we shot this special occasion. And the story is just as sweet and romantic as it gets!

You’ll remember Theresa and Jake from our first feature, A Fair Affair. When we met Theresa and Jake we were head over heels for how head over heels they are for each other! Together, these two are just IT! And we love what they have.

During our September shoot we just kept wishing Jake would just propose. We knew he wanted to. We thought the romance, the setting, and everything was ideal conditions. But he had other brilliant plans.

Check back again over the next two days for the full story, you won’t want to miss the still images Vanessa and Grace got from this one. They are not even SWOONWORTHY, they’re melt-your-heart-worthy.

Once again we have the most unbelievably amazing team for our January Feature ( A Thousand Words Photography by Vanessa Powell, Grace Adams Photography, Tioane Young Hair and Makeup, and Jackie Smith).

Be on this page Wednesday and Thursday to see the STUNNING stills from two remarkable artists. We’re in love.


[vimeo 57706852 w=500 h=281]

Real Alaska Love :: Jessi & Luke

Well, in honor of our upcoming surprise proposal feature (we’re getting antsy for you to see it) we’ve got a something pretty special today. We’ve got this stinkin’ ADORABLE stop action engagement film shot by the LOVELY Lauren Roberts of Beauty Board Media.

Seriously, these two are so freakin’ CUTE! We can’t get over it…but at least we’re trying. Well not really, let’s be honest. We just love Jessi and Luke’s playfulness and romance. Fun + Romance =’s FMK SWOON! And as always, they’re ridiculously attractive, since they’re an Alaskan couple of course.

Real Alaska love is still our favorite!


Jessi and Luke from LR on Vimeo.

{Videography: Beauty Board Media}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” — Judy Garland

{Photo Courtesy of Melissa Barrick Photography}

Color Me Inspired — January Palette

This month we’re jumping on the bandwagon of one of the BIG hits this wedding season. Hues of mint are IN with a force. What we love about these gentle shades of mint is how easily they can be paired with light or dark colors. In fact, we swoon at the thought of a navy or gray suits pair with mint bridesmaid dresses. OR soft tones of creamy whites is just LOVELY! And, we’re pretty positive this is one color ANYONE can pull off.

This wedding season is spilling over with shades of mint, you might just want to jump on the bandwagon with us.



{Photo Credit: Top Far Left: Martha Stewart Weddings/ Top Right:Matthew Morgan Photography/ Middle Left:  Dariami/ Bottom Left: Abby Jiu Photography/ Bottom Right: Pomp and Plumage}

Real Alaska Love :: Madisen + Kyle

Raise your hand if you love surprises? This is the point where ALL of our hands would be raised, and we’ve got a lovely surprise for you! Kyle decided to surprise Madisen with a delightful winter proposal. Grace Adams was contacted to catch the surprise on camera, and the end result is MAGNIFICENT!

We’ve decided that EVERY girl’s response to surprise proposals is to cover their mouth in surprise (you’ll see why we’ve come to this conclusion later this month, EEEEK more surprise engagements!) as if to suppress all the joy ready to burst out of them. Madisen is beautiful! Her delight over these moments is infectious. What a knock dead gorgeous couple! We’re not even astounded anymore since they’re Alaskan. Duh. Well done Kyle.

We have no doubt you will sigh as you scroll through these images and the romance Kyle wrapped up into his surprise for Madisen. And he had family waiting to surprise her! ~SIGH~

Congratulations you two! We hope to see your wedding images here, since as you know, we’re still bewitched by real Alaska love.


{Photography: Grace Adams Photography, Location: Downtown Anchorage}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“And when this world comes to an end, I’ll be here to hold your hand, ’cause you’re my king and I’m your lionheart. A lionheart.” — Of Monsters and Men

{Photo courtesy of Ash Imagery}

Vendor Spotlight: Alyeska Resort

A couple weeks before Christmas, Rebecca Lien (La Boum Events) and I had the great opportunity to visit with Jennifer McCombs the wedding/event coordinator for Alyeska Resort. Now, I’ve been to Alyeska often enough to ski, but it was a real delight to get a tour of the inner workings of the resort and a peek into what goes into wedding planning.


Upon arriving, Jennifer framed our visit as if we were wedding planning, which is always fun for us. She first took us on a tour of the available rooms, and if you’ve never been to Alyeska or never stayed at the resort, the views are nothing short of stunning and accommodations inviting.


We toured several suite accommodations, stopping last at the  Royal suite. This suite has spacious, comfortable accommodations, and opens to a stunning reception space attached to the suite. Additionally, there is a small kitchen and the natural light coming in is every photographer’s dream come true. Smaller weddings and events can be hosted in this space with advisement from the resort regarding the placement of furniture, etc. Rebecca and I were swooning at the potential that lies in this room. When planning your wedding, Jennifer is a fabulous source for discussing room reservations and costs.


After touring the rooms, we began talking ceremony and reception details. As with all of our local Alaska vendors, what we appreciate about Jennifer is her creativity and willingness to think outside of the box. After five years at Alyeska, she has tricks up her sleeve and is willing to tackle a new challenge or creatively try to make a bride’s vision a reality.


During the winter there are several realistic spaces available for weddings. The Glacier Express Deck (can accommodate small to mid sized events, 60 seated, 120 standing), Kahiltna Court (175 seated), and Columbia Ballroom (225 seated) are their most popular spaces for events. In the summer, the feasibility for outdoor weddings is greater, but as with all Alaskan outdoor events, Jennifer always has a back up plan (which is just what you want in your venue coordinator!).  Tents and chairs in the summer months are optional, but do come with additional fees. An outdoor gazebo is available for the ceremony, and can be decorated without nails or staples.

When it comes to decorations, Alyeska has linens and décor items available for no extra charge. However, styling specific to each wedding outside of what the resort owns is the responsibility of the bridal party. We love Alyeska’s willingness to work with events and weddings to streamline set up, planning, and style. If you provide your décor items to Jennifer in advance she can coordinate most of the set up with her team (there are only few exceptions they leave for the bridal party to do).

Alyeska doesn’t allow outside caterers, but their kitchen is more than sufficient for any event. They also have cooked a personal Swedish family recipe for a wedding. We loved their willingness to collaborate for a personal aspect! The resort does have a baker who can design and create cakes, but they do allow outside cakes. Their baker is known for her secret fondant and buttercream recipe and will also schedule a tasting upon your visit. Cakes average at $3 per person. There is a $25 corkage fee per bottle for wine you bring in, but the $23 per bottle of house wine is the more affordable option most parties choose.

Of course the summer months are their busiest season, and Alyeska is an affordable, breathtaking option for winter occasions. This is certainly the location that highlights the best of what Alaska has to offer. While Jennifer will provide a list of preferred vendors, she is willing to work with others outside of their list. Overall, what Jennifer needs most is open communication and all hands on deck. After as many years as she’s had in the business and our own experiences, we couldn’t agree more with her wisdom.

Once we went through the nitty gritty of planning aspects and options, we decided to ask Jennifer our favorite questions, what SHE loves about weddings. What she loves about working with brides and grooms is making their dreams a reality.  “This is my dream come true”, is the goal Jennifer makes for each wedding. The advice she would pass on to planning brides is to realize something will likely go wrong.  The aspect of the unknown can’t be predicted, but if you go with the flow the day will be even more extraordinary! The most common hiccup Jennifer has seen during her tenure at Alyeska is timing. Starting late can be a significant domino effect on more than you realize, so ensure you hire vendors and ask for help from friends and family to be timely. Lastly, what makes her favorite weddings are the couples that work to incorporate a special family element (whether it’s giving a family recipe to Alyeska’s chef or coordinating a heritage element into the ceremony).


Imagine all the information we absorbed from our afternoon with Jennifer, and this isn’t even half of it. What we can tell you, is what a delight it was to spend an afternoon with Jennifer. Brainstorming ideas and dreaming about beautiful events was the highlight of our wintery day. We are ABSOLUTELY positive you will enjoy her calming demeanor and creativity. The best way to contact her is via email.

{Business: Alyeska Resort, Contact: Jennifer McCombs, Address: 1000 Arlberg Avenue
Girdwood, Phone: 907.754.1111, Email:}

Real Alaska Love :: Jen + Justin

Do you love vintage? We do. And we’ve got a vintagey packed wedding today. We couldn’t be any more pleased with this wedding from Wanda Michelle Photography. There is some fine looking love going on in Fairbanks.

The entire style and the couple’s first look is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  We dare you to look at these images without humming La Vie En Rose. Yes, that’s how good they are, they inspire classic imaginary jazz. Jen’s graceful countenance is beguiling. Justin’s clearly smitten with her, and we see exactly why. Jen’s knee length gown and bird cage veil is simply CLASSIC and we’re swooning (as we hum). So, of course we’re in love with the classic elegance of this occasion.

Still obsessing over classic, vintagey, lovely brides and their real Alaskan love.


{Photography: Wanda Michelle Photography}


FMK + La Boum Events — Winter Wedding Planning Reminders

Once again we’ve partnered up with La Boum Events to create a checklist of reminders as you plan your winter weddings

First, it’s important to get in the mindset that it is winter.  Remember, even on a best winter day it is can be FRIGID and most likely your guests will be wearing their best attire, high heels or slick dress shoes. We say this because it is important to remember when you looked at your venue in the summer and the ¼ mile hike from the parking lot through the peony garden to the chalet seemed like a good idea. However, if it’s 20 below, such an option would be pure agony for any guest.

  1. Let’s talk parking! Make sure that the venue has parking in close proximity, not only for your guests, but for you. You will want to spend as little amount of time running from the car inside, in your wedding dress, in the freezing cold, hoping your elaborate updo is not battered by arctic winds.
  2. Hire a valet! There we said it. Some things are good to splurge on. I’ll say it again. Hire. A. Valet.
  3. Section off a small portion of the parking lot for several larger vehicles that will be available to move gifts, decorations, and other items from the wedding to the reception.
  4. Make sure the venue has a snowplow service on call for the day of your wedding. Negotiate in writing that the parking lot will be plowed when the snow gets to a certain height. Many services only plow when it snows more than four inches. Four inches is TO MUCH snow for a comfortable wedding.  We recommend all sidewalks cleared of 1/2 inch of snow or more and the parking lot cleared of 2 inches of snow or more.
  5. Coat check! Coat check! Coat check!  There are several ways to go about hosting a coat check. The easiest are several self serve racks that are unattended or you could hire someone to orchestrate the details. Coat checks typically accept tips and are an easy way for a local charity to raise money while working for you.  Contact a local youth group or non-profit group to see if they would run the coat check in exchange for tips for their charity. This same group could be used for cleanup, shuttling gifts, valet parking, etc.
  6. Many savvy brides have wedding survival kits on hand with aspirin, eye drops, needle and thread and breath mints. Make sure to add winter specific items as well.  Consider dryer sheets, lotions, Vaseline and static cling spray to combat many dry winter ailments. Have hand warmers, vitamin D chewables (not just for kids), an emergency thermal blanket (especially if traveling any distance by car), and duct tape. Oh glorious duct tape can be used for all kinds of emergencies!
  7. Have extra people on hand to help guests coming inside. Get them out of the cold quickly. Be sensitive to older guests, young couples with children or anyone who is struggling through the snow and ice to carry packages inside.
  8. Contemplate having a cocktail hour between the wedding and reception. The cocktail hour is a tradition on the east coast and is a great way for guests to warm up with a hot beverage.
  9. Have an alternative bad weather back up plan – this is necessary for any Alaskan winter wedding. Remember weather patterns change drastically depending on the area. It is possible that your venue could be snowed in, while a sister venue down the road will be clear. Ask your venue(s) for an alternative backup plan contingent on extreme weather.
  10. Have an emergency plan for a bad winter storm. We are pretty use to winter storms here. It’s most likely that most guests will be able to get through any storms by driving slowly. If your venue area is susceptible to extreme weather, delegate emergency plans to your wedding planner or someone in the wedding party. Make sure guests know where the nearest Alaska State Trooper station is located and provide a telephone number for guests to call with questions and concerns. Also, someone should know who is traveling between the wedding and reception and account for all guests arriving safely.
  11. Insurance! We recommend to all of our clients that they purchase wedding insurance. Much like travelers insurance, this is a onetime fee to cover possible disasters.  I’m sure you can’t imaging cancelling your wedding and would especially hate to cancel due to weather.  Generally speaking cancellations of any kind (including weather) are still subject to full payment for all vendors.  Insurance will save you thousands, and will ensure that your wedding can be rescheduled at a later time.

La Boum-black copy

Real Alaska Love :: Megan + Rob

What happens when you put a gorgeous couple on ice and set up the perfect winter engagement session? We SWOON like crazy! Seriously, Cherie from Dashing Life Photography deserves a medal (if photographers ever got medals) for this one.

Once again we have an incredibly gorgeous Alaskan couple. I know, we’re just not surprised anymore. Megan is stunning! Everything about her and her style is just lovely. And Rob is definitely a true Alaskan man. We just are delighted by the colors, the fun, and coziness of these images. Seriously, an Alaskan pair having fun and then cuddling up together just gets us giddy! We could go on, and on, and on, and on…but we’ll just let you go crazy over these yourself.

Thank you Rob and Megan for keeping our obsession with real Alaskan love intact.



{Photography: Dashing Life Photography}

So This Is Love Snapshot


“If you love someone…you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by.” — My Best Friend’s Wedding

{Photo courtesy of Sloan Photographers}

Let It Snow — 5 Winter Date Ideas

We asked one of our dude contributors to come up with some creative ideas for dates this winter. Here’s five he came up with to keep away the winter blues!

Alright, so it’s that time of year again, with mistletoe, eggnog, and hot cocoa how can we lose? Even still, with all the warmth, goodies, and romance it can still be difficult to come up with good ideas for dates. Just to give your creative juices a little jump start, here are a couple of ways to stick it to Jack Frost and make some sweet memories playing in the wonderland that is winter.

  1. Stargazing: Winter can provide some of the best opportunities for stargazing all year. There’s something fun about grabbing all the jackets and blankets you own, filling the thermos with cocoa, and driving somewhere out of town where you can see the full glory of the night sky. Building a fire, snuggling up in the bed of a truck, and/or planning this night on the night of a Borialis will score big points.
  2. Ice Skating: Obviously nothing beats this classic. Outdoor rinks are ideal, but there’s nothing wrong with the mall rink. Could there be a better situation for holding hands…?
     {Photo courtesy of Dashing Life Photography}
  3. Snow-Shoeing/Cross Country Skiing: This date will require some physical exertion, but depending on where you go it’s worth it. Take a picnic along and let your adventure take you where it will.
  4. Sledding: Who doesn’t love sledding? If you don’t have a date every now and then where you’re acting like kids, you seriously need to rethink your dating strategy!
     {Photo courtesy of Sophia Jordan Photography}
  5. Reading: Just because we’re talking about cold weather dates doesn’t rule out the indoors, in fact cold weather can make staying inside at home one of the most outstanding but low budget dates you’ve ever had! Curl up together with a hot beverage, a warm blanket, and a classic book. Mad props if you have or find a fireplace to add to your coziness. Suggested reading, Shakespeare is good but cliché, go for the classic fantasies: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Chronicles of Narnia!


Suggested Date Discussion Topics:

  • Favorite Family Holiday Traditions
  • Favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year memory
  • Favorite Christmas Present
  • Dream Christmas Vacation Destination
  • Favorite Holiday Movie

Real AK Love :: Ann + Andrew

In honor of the New Year celebrations, we have an occasion that may just blow you away. We are excited for you to gaze at this wedding from Penny at Becoming Images.  Not only are we helping her achieve her 2013 goal to be published on a blog, but we also reap the benefit of this STUNNING wedding!

We’re ecstatic over Andrew and Ann, and not just because we finally got a groom in uniform or the fact that the ceremony took place at one of our all time favorite romantic venues, the Shrine of St. Therese.  This whole day is just magical from the perfect snowfall, red roses, candlelit ceremony, men in uniform, and a glowing bride. Ann is delightful and crazy beautiful! Let’s also talk about the smoldering, intimate images Penny captured of the two of them. WOW! Could we be any more obsessed with this one?

As always, we’re still addicted to real Alaska love, and this is winter love at its finest!

{Photography: Becoming Images, Ceremony: Shrine of St. Therese, Reception: The Westmark Baranof Hotel}

FMK January Feature: How They Met Their Other

We’re kicking 2013 off with one of our favorite things of ALL TIME, a mini feature of real Alaskan love stories.

We are obsessed with “how we met” stories and adore the film When Harry Met Sally for that very reason. So naturally, every time we meet an Alaskan couple one of our first question is “how did you meet?”.

Back in October Lauren, of Beauty Board Media, and I sat down to brainstorm some ideas (there’s more coming) and I pitched the idea of “how they met” stories to her. Of course she loved it and our excitement started growing the closer we got to our shoot date.

We had seven real Alaskan couples who shared their love stories. Lauren and I felt like we won the lottery! Not only that, but not ONE story was similar.

We love Alaska love and the opportunity to take a peek into our Alaska love stories.


FMK January Feature: How They Met Their Other from Forget Me Knot Inspirations on Vimeo.


{Videography: Beauty Board Media}

FMK Holidays: Wishing You a Happy 2013!

We’re thrilled for the adventures that lay ahead in 2013 for us and you, our readers! We couldn’t have started out without you, so thank you for your support and love! Here’s to a splendid 2013!


So This Is Love Snapshot

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”  – Alfred Lord Tennyson

{Photo courtesy of Michelle Lindsay Photography}

Behind the Lens : Rhae Anne Photography

One morning we sat down over a mug of hot coffee with one of our new favorite friends, Rhae Anne Etheredge.  A warm sparkle in her eyes and adorable grin greeted us as we sat down with Rhae Anne. She is just the essence of adorable, and we felt ease at first sip. And so few people have that natural talent of putting people at ease, but Rhae Anne’s got it.  So naturally, Rhae Anne’s a photographer, who is also a great listener and sound counselor.

We dove right in to talking about weddings, engagements, love, and photography. Four of our favorite things, so we were in heaven.

What we adore about Rhae Anne, besides her natural charm, is the guidelines she’s discovered to create the best possible experience and work for her clients.

Engagements: Rhae Anne requires couples who want to hire her for a wedding do an engagement shoot.

We get this rule. Rhae Anne likes to meet her couples and get the chemistry going so everyone gets excited about the wedding day (including Rhae Anne).

It’s also helpful for her to determine the style of the couple and what makes them who they are. After shooting an engagement session she can tell the difference between a goofy, funny smile or a normal smile.  And believe us, that can make or break your day of portraits.

Additionally, she requires guys be present for the first meeting. She likes to know there’s investment from the future bride AND groom. During engagement shoots, Rhae Anne works hard to put her couples at ease. Typically, she’s found guys will do great once they feel confident and comfortable. Guys are there for their lady.

A few of Rhae Anne’s recommendations for engagement shoots:

1. Get into the shoot and have fun.

2. If your man isn’t into dressing up, don’t force it. You can still easily style a fun shoot.

3. Styling your engagement session to the theme of your wedding can be incredibly fun and creative.

4. If you’re willing to get out of the box and get creative, DO IT! Rhae Anne loves to collaborate on themed shoots.

Weddings: Rhae Anne wants to know the couple’s story and loves when brides ask for the photographer’s perspective.

Rhae Anne and her husband Tommy (who  fills the role of second shooter) are romantics at heart and love to tell a story. Especially a love story.

Rhae Anne believes in the strong power of collaboration. What many brides don’t realize is the importance of collaborating with their photographer. Which is why she’s willing to see the site and offer guidance when brides are planning their wedding.

As a natural light photographer, when a bride can ask a photographer for suggestions Rhae Anne can help her clients achieve the “look”. That’s why she strongly recommends brides asking a photographer to accompany them on site visits and communicating with your photographer while planning.

Since she aims to establish relationships with her clients from the get go Rhae Anne typically attends the rehearsal dinner. She likes to get the vibe of the wedding. When Rhae Anne knows the couple she’s working with she feels a surge of energy and creativity on the day of the wedding.

A lot of Rhae Anne’s advice comes from her own experience as a bride, she says then didn’t have a clue what her photographer needed. “Hire a photographer and they’ll do their job” she says was the mentality then. Rhae Anne wish she would’ve called her wedding photographer and coordinated MORE with her.

Rhae Anne will also give you recommendations based upon the schedule if you get it to her in advance. She wants the best images that are going to be on your wall forever. Her investment is in your best interest.

Pinterest Weddings?  Rhae Anne invites it. It helps when she can visualize your styling and desires.

But rest, assured, Rule 2.5 – Rhae Anne won’t do anything cheesy. She thrives on originality and creativity, so when it comes to replicating an idea she likes to put her own spin on so it can be unique and original to her clients.

3 Rules for Brides:

- Honesty! Always be honest as you are planning and once you get to your day. Get the communication flowing before the day of the wedding, otherwise the stress or disappointment will show in images. The counseling side comes out when Rhae Anne starts seeing the bride getting stressed. If brides are specific about what they want and what they don’t want, it will reflect in their images.

- First Look Advantage. Many brides and grooms don’t realize the HUGE advantage to time and intimacy that can be achieved through a first look before the ceremony. If you choose to see each other before, the moments can be more relaxed and photographers can capture prettier, intimate images, and also set those scenes that are stunning or fun. Brides and grooms who do a first look can go straight from their ceremony to their reception and start partying without stress!

- Photographer’s Creative License. Give your photographer free reign of creativity. There are so many images you wouldn’t have thought of, but your photographer will. Fresh perspective always looks beautiful and becomes art.

Chatting with Rhae Anne made us fall in love with love all over again and made us adore our Alaskan photographers.  We’re definitely fans of this gal. We just love her fun creative spirit, and don’t doubt you will too!

{Rhae Anne Photography, Email:, Ph: 903.301.8671}

Real Alaska Love :: Joe + Jen

So sweets, after a delightful break for the Christmas holidays we are coming back full swing with a fun, spunky engagement/wedding session from Matthew Crockett Photography.

We love the retro, edgy vibe Jen and Joe embody. And as teachers, we’re pretty sure their classes are NEVER dull. I mean, check out these images, so FUN! Their funky spirit for life is carried so perfectly in these images, and we ADORE the black and white classiness. Don’t forget to check out Jen’s crazy, amazing, green eyes! For real, they stopped us in our tracks.

Not only is this couple madly in love, but they also know how to party, which we are CRAZY about. I mean check out their guests jammin’ away and having a good time. In addition to being sweet ASD teachers and avid skiers, Joe is also part of a two person musical group, Moby Wang and the Supergirl. Yes, we think that’s pretty RAD!

Just add this one to the list. You know what list we’re talking about.

{Photography: Matthew Crockett Photography; Location: West Anchorage}

FMK December Feature: The Gentlemen’s Code

We mulled over the title for our “dude shoot” for several days then off the cuff (see what we did there?) finally settling on The Code. With as much talk over the Bro Code we decided to step it up a notch to The Gentlemen’s Code. Unlike the Bro Code, The Gentlemen’s Code is based on honor, respect, and class, and our shoot for this month is all about manliness and class.

Our ridiculously good looking male models are all legit Alaskan men, and sorry ladies almost all of them are taken.  This month we wanted to give our dude readers some inspiration of how to class this winter up. This winter we encourage you to stick with darker shades of blue, black, and varying hues gray for suits, and our men are especially striking. And this year, you don’t have to break the bank to look good, knowing where to shop and a little tailoring can go a LONG way.

This shoot was especially epic at the Long Branch Saloon. Our guys started off with several games of pool and Andre did magic work with his lighting (as you’ll see in the following images). McHugh, Wyatt, K.C., Tony, Keith, and Austin all worked their best “blue steel” and clearly rivaled Derek Zoolander. As always, LaurenAndre, and Grace are crazy amazing at their work, and once again we’re dumbstruck with happiness at the end product.

This month Andre was our main photographer, so we get to highlight his freakin’ amazing lighting talents and creating our man candy images.

We did want to include a top five rules for dressing our dude’s this winter:

5. When choosing ties, smaller patterned, darker ties give a more authoritative look. Carefully choose paisley ties that have patterns joined rather paisley spotted across the tie.  This winter we love a bold, solid look, and kind of have a thing for the skinny tie. The point of your tie should hit the bottom edge of your belt/waistline, any higher or lower will look disarrayed.

4. Pair your shirt to the smallest accent color in your tie, it will draw out the colors of your look.

3.  Considering the whole look is a must, you guys know that, but when starting your look start with the color of your suit/trousers and tie. Choose a tie that is lighter or darker than your suit. From there using rule 4 you can choose your shirt.

2. Tailoring will make all the difference in the world for some of you men. And don’t be afraid to trade in a shirt or tailor a suit if the button are starting to strain or you’re beginning to be swallowed up in your suit. Tailoring will make you look more cut and chiseled, trust us.

1. ALWAYS wear confidence, it is your strongest asset.

::: Wardrobe; McHugh’s Tuxedo: Hugo Boss, Tony’s Suit: JoS. A. Banks, Tony’s Tie: Penguin from Burlington Coat Factory, K.C.’s Suit and Shirt: Express Men, K.C.’s Tie: Penguin from Burlington Coat Factory, Austin’s Suit, Tie, and Shirt: Nordstrom, Keith’s Shirt, Tie, and Trousers: JCPenny, Wyatt’s Suit: Hugo Boss from Nordstrom, Wyatt’s Tie: Stafford from JCPenny :::

{Photography: DreFoto,  Videographer: Beauty Board Media, Second shooter: Grace Adams Photography, Location: Long Branch Saloon, Models: McHugh, Keith, Austin, Tony, K.C., and Wyatt}



Teaser: FMK Monthly Feature

We knew magic was going to happen when we showed up early Saturday morning at the Long Branch Saloon. Why you ask? We had six handsome gentleman dressed in their finest for our shoot. Lauren (Beauty Board Media) and I began calling this our “Man Candy” shoot, and it’s nothing short of easy on the eyes.

As always, Lauren is coming up with brilliant concepts to keep us wanting MORE! And don’t worry, you won’t have the wait as long. Check back here tomorrow as any early Christmas present from us to you. And seriously, you won’t want to miss this true Alaska men classin’ it up.

High fives and huge thank you’s to our ridiculously good lookin’ gentlemen for this shoot, McHugh, Wyatt, Tony, Keith, K.C. and Austin. Once again we were diva free for this shoot and didn’t even need a Snicker’s Bar on hand.

The Long Branch Saloon was incredible to allow us to come in and shoot early in the morning. We had a stinkin’ blast

Once again we have the most unbelievably amazing team for our December Feature ( DreFotoGrace Adams PhotographyBeauty Board Media, and our striking dude models).

Check back tomorrow for our first FMK Man Candy feature.

FMK The Gentlemen’s Code Teaser from Forget Me Knot Inspirations on Vimeo.

Real Alaska Love :: Jen + Matt

Elegant wedding images make us happy, and today we’re especially happy due to these images from Takenya Grace. We’re especially delighted by the bridal shots and HOT TAMALE intimate moments between the bride and groom. Holy crazy chemistry BATMAN!

Jen and Matt work it in these following images, leaving us speechless. Jen is a Golden Heart City beauty and Matt is a fine Alaskan gentleman. I mean AYKM? Jen must be a super model with her smolder! We’re in love with this couple, their style, their looks at one another, and their entire enchanting soiree! If we handed out smokin’ couple awards Jen and Matt would be in the running (with all of our other Real Alaska Love features, of course).

High fives to Takenya for keeping our obsession for Real Alaska Love going strong! We’re still obsessed.

{Photography: Takenya Grace Photography, Ceremony Venue: St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Reception Venue: River’s Edge Resort Miners Hall, Location: Fairbanks}

So This Is Love Snapshot

“We loved with a love that was more than love”– Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee

{Photo courtesy of Our Labor of Love Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Lindsay + Stephen

WOW! We have a favorite today. Our feature shot by Rhae Anne Photography is breathtaking. Seriously swoonworthy images are about to follow, so brace yourself.

If ever you could see love and excitement emanating from two people Stephen and Lindsay have it. We almost feel like we’re reliving the day with them looking through these images. Stephen’s smile is just dishy and Lindsay is completely BEAUTIFUL! We’re starting this week of giddy and primarily because of this stunning occasion. And just wait until you get to their portraits in the garden. OMG! Talk about romantic! SWOON! Real Alaska couple have got IT! And Stephen and Lindsay have it with all!

And the answer is Yes. In case you were wondering, we’re still obsessed with REAL Alaska Love!

 {Photography: Rhae Anne Photography}

FMK Holidays: Christmas Break


We’re taking a break today to do some holiday shopping and planning.  We’ll be back bright and early Monday morning with more holiday and love inspirations!  Wishing you a very merry weekend!




The FMK Team

So This is Love Snapshot

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

{Photograph courtesy of Amanda VanVels Photography}

Real Alaska Love :: Jenna + Jason

Some days our job is just too divine it’s hard to believe we really get to see so many of those glances and looks that make up the gorgeous days and start of your love stories. Today is one of those days when we’re still shaking our heads over our good fortune.

Jessica Elle Photography sent us the following beautiful images from Jenna and Jason’s exquisite day. And when you see the way this couple looks at one another you’ll feel weak in the knees too.

It started out at O’Malleys with a little rain that didn’t cloud up their plans. The entourage moved inside for a stunning ceremony. Jenna you are STRIKING! Can you believe this girl’s eyes? The vibrant colors that surround this day are enchanting. But the aesthetics are just that, what really blows us away is the images Jessica captured of Jenna and Jason during the ceremony. Holy SWOON!

We love those looks real Alaska lovers give one another.

{Photography: Jessica Elle Photography, Ceremony & Reception Venue: O’Malley’s on the Green}

FMK Holidays: Shop Local Christmas Wish List Part 2

Once again we’re brainstorming festive gift giving ideas with La Boum Events. Today we’ve honed in on some activities you can make a party with your besties before, after, or during the holiday season or the big day.

These activities can be scheduled leading up to your wedding or before the holidays  to ensure that everyone is relaxed, free of stress (you know the holidays can be stressful too). Other activities will rejuvenate and energize everyone so they will be ready to dance into the wee hours of the morning. By saying thank you in a group party, everyone in your bridal party knows each other ahead of time and has the opportunity bond together for years to come!

  1. Schedule a private cooking party at Let’s Cook Alaska, Mark and Josie McKinney teach your group to cook a variety of recipes. Eat what you cook! Or try Allen Peterson if you’re out in the Mat Su Valley.
  2. Work out all kinds of tension with the group pottery throwing at Midnight Potter Studio, Fairbanks Potters Guild, or The Canvas in Juneau.
  3. Host a night of poker night, give guests a deck of Alaska Outlaw Cards and a matching hoodie to commemorate. Don’t forget to share your local favorite brew that night (HooDoo Brewing Co., Alaskan Brewing Co., or Midnight Sun Brewery).
  4. Beat the winter blues with a day at the spa! Nova Aesthetic Medicine & Skin Spa will get everyone’s skin glowing for pictures with delightfully moisturizing facials for the guys and the ladies! Don’t need the glowing skin but still want to be pampered? Make it a spa day party at Sheraton Ice Spa, Hair Body and Sol, or Selah Salon and Health Spa.
  5. Get OUT! Bounce all the tension away when you rent inflatable fun from For Fun Alaska – bouncing castles or gladiator jousting for all ages. They even offer a DIY self-service option. OR snowmachine your way to stress free with Alaska Snow Safaris in Valdez, Girdwood, Denali or Summit Lake.

Can’t seem to fit in anymore activities before the wedding? These ideas will also make for a wonderful thank you party upon your return from your honeymoon or following the holiday season.


With love,

Real Alaska Love :: Heidi + Tomas

Today we have a TRULY Real Alaska Wedding that we’re over the moon about. We stumbled upon Erica Rose’s work not to long ago and were thrilled by her style. And giddy can’t even begin to describe how we felt when she sent us this wedding.

Heidi and Tomas are true Alaskan, we are obsessed with their bright, effortless style and obvious love for Alaska’s natural beauty. Just wait until you see the bridesmaid dresses and splashes of bright colors. We LOVE IT! Heidi (OF COURSE) is freakin’ GORGEOUS! And holy beautiful curls batman! Heidi is a beautiful bride and Tomas’ smile is just dreamy. Erica supplied us with some intimate woodsy shots we adore. We love Alaska’s natural beauty, and Erica so aptly capture these two, their love, and the naturally romantic setting.

{Photography: Erica Rose Photography; Ceremony: First Covenant Church; Reception: Alpenglow Lodge}

FMK Holidays: FREE Printable Christmas Cards

Our last set of free Christmas cards today, we’ll have a collection of gift tags next week! Hoping your days are merry and bright!

Our Christmas cards are formatted Avery Quarter Fold Greeting Card, or you can print your own and cut as postcard or folding card.

How to download FREE Christmas Printable, click one of the below links, a PDF file will open, click “Save” and save the file on to your computer. You can then format to print with your printer.


Fourth FMK Christmas Card

Fourth FMK Christmas Postcard

Real Alaska Love :: Erin + Jake

We get dramatically delighted when we start seeing beautiful images explode across our state, and today we’re especially excited to showcase Joshua Veldstra from Homer, Alaska. Seriously, his images are art and we’re still “oooooohhhhing” and “aaaaaaahhhhhhhing” over the following.

Erin and Jake had THE perfect weather and location for a wedding. A ceremony on the rocky shores of Alaska? AYKM? Amazing. We love Alaska girls with freckles, and Erin’s got ‘em! We are DYING over how freakin’ adorable she is and her gorgeous freckles. Seriously, LOVE ‘EM! And the natural, romantic style of  this occasion is lovely. When you’re naturally good looking and your wedding party is naturally amazing what more do you need to make a great day? These two seriously have got IT! And you know what we mean by IT. We adore the tender romance that Josh captured between these two.

We dare you to check out Joshua’s work and not LOVE it. Dare you.

Fact: Alaska still has THE most attractive couples.

Fact: FMK is even MORE obsessed with Real Alaska Love.

{Photography: Joshua Veldstra Photography, Ceremony Venue: Beach, Location: Homer, Alaska}